If you are looking for the best universities that can cater to your academic needs in terms of arts and humanities, engineering and technology or medicine or natural sciences, here is a brief top with some of the best universities that could offer you the best degree programs in the field.
Best Ranking Universities: Arts and Humanities
If you are interested in majoring in English, you could be opting for one of these top schools: Harvard University, University of California (Berkley), Yale, Columbia, Stanford, UCLA, Chicago, Princeton or Cornell, to name just a few. According to payscale.com, proofreaders earn on average $45,100; technical writers earn $67,900; senior copywriters earn $70,700; communications directors earn $74,400; and proposal managers earn $80,200 per year. These are some of the jobs you could be seeking with the help of your major in English.
As for Modern Languages, the very best choices you have are comprised of: Harvard, California, Yale, Cornell, UCLA, MIT, Stanford, Columbia, University of Chicago, Princeton, Michigan, Pennsylvania, the University of Texas at Austin or New York University. A Spanish major could bring you about $38,500 per year, on average, according to payscale.com; languages that are more exotic could bring you the double of that. 
Best Ranking Universities: Engineering and Technology
The best ranking schools for majors in Computer Science and Information Systems are MIT, Stanford, UCB, Harvard, Caltech, UCLA, Carnegie Mellon University, Princeton, Cornell, Yale, Columbia and others. As a senior software engineer, you could be earning up to 124,820 per year, on average, while as a software developer specialized in web applications you could be earning up to $74,268 per year. 
You can get the best Chemical Engineering majors at MIT, UCB, Stanford, UCLA, Caltech, Yale, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, Michigan or Cornell. In terms of salaries, you should expect to gather some yearly incomes of around $106,930 as a chemical engineer.
Best Ranking Universities: Life Sciences and Medicine
The best med schools you could be thinking of are: Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale, UCLA, John Hopkins, the University of California, San Diego, California Institute of Technology, Duke University, Columbia, University of California, San Francisco and others. As a Physician – Anesthesiologist you could be earning around $340,000 per year, according to salary.com; as a cardiologist you could be looking at salaries of up to $320,000; and as an endocrinologist you could be looking at some paychecks of up to $235,487 per year, depending on your experience and education. 
If you are looking to major in psychology, the best schools you could choose from are; Harvard, Stanford, UCB, UCLA, Yale, Princeton, the University of Chicago, the University of Michigan, Columbia, Cornell or the University of Pennsylvania. The average salary of a psychologist goes up to $101,087, according to salary.com.
Best Ranking Universities: Natural Sciences
The best options in terms of Natural Sciences – Environmental Sciences majors refer to the following:  Harvard, UCB, MIT, Stanford, Caltech, Princeton, UCLA and others. As an environmental scientist you could be earning $82,766 per year, on average.