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For most students, joining university after graduating from high school is an exhilarating experience. It is actually a stepping stone to the dream career. Although it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, this certainly comes with challenges, and therefore it is advisable who are joining colleges to make use of university guide to help them make the right choices and decisions in social and academic activities.

Get Good Friends

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Well, it can be quite challenging for first year students to make friends given that university is a melting point of cultures and personalities. However, friendship has no boundaries or limitation with regard to nationalities or ethnic background. Good friends should help you become a better person, motivate you to excel, and esteem you for who you are. They can also help you to deal with challenges and guide you to make the right decisions when faced by challenges. You don’t have to befriend everybody. There are few individuals that you share quality time and personal experiences at a deeper level. These are the people that you should always keep as friends.

Social Activities

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Apart from academic activities, social activities also play a significant part in your academic life. When you are not in for a lecture, then you should engage in activities that will add more value to your time. Most universities have quite a good number of students associations, clubs, and sporting activities. These may help you to use your time more productively and give you the perfect opportunity to excel in other talents which don’t have academic connection. Sports activities can also help you keep fit burn calories and improve your general fitness and health.


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Joining university is quite a costly affair and a challenging one as far as managing finances is concerned. The cost of tuition fees and book expenses may become a burden if not managed properly. This also applies to cost of living-accommodation, travel, and utilities. But with a good budget, you can lower your dependence on parents or kin for support. If you are a fresher, then you should apply for student loans. In fact majority of students depend on these loans to fund their tuition fees and cater for upkeep. There are also grants from the college and scholarships which you should make good use of. Just check them in your university guide. These may ease the cost of tuition which often the most burdensome of all university costs.

Counseling and Mentors

Another significant aspect of university guide is having mentors and going for counseling when it is necessary. Most universities have departments of students’ affairs which deal with a number of issues from academic, social, personal and interpersonal. If possible, you should get a mentor or someone who can help you to excel and overcome all challenges. The mentor also helps you in transition as you look forward to start your career life immediately after college. It could be anyone older, mature, and who knows you at a personal level.



Ultimately, the choice to go through college smoothly depends with you. This university guide is just a very small guide. You can check out a comprehensive guide to help you understand and manage different issues from health, living, relating to others, and moving out of college.