When trying to find university personal statement examples, it is obviously a good idea to check out websites such as 'The Student Room' and 'Studential' for a list of templates and samples that are related to the degree you are applying for. Whilst also manually searching around the internet for good personal statement examples and tips.

But have you checked out actual books that offer personal statements examples and advice?

If you look up books such as 'How to Prepare the Perfect UCAS personal statement' (which contains 98 'high quality' personal statement examples) you will not only learn the importance of your personal statement to your UCAS application, and that your predicted grades won't be doing the 'talking' as you hoped. 

But you will also learn from the comments, tips, notes etc. on the sample personal statements and general guides in these type of books, how to make your personal statement "expertly written, compelling and ultimately successful".

Some of the more popular personal statement guides (according to Amazon) that feature college personal statement examples are:

  • Personal Statements: How to Write a UCAS personal Statement - Paul Tefler
  • Writing a UCAS personal statement in seven Easy Steps: A Really Useful Guide to Creating a Success Personal Statement - Julia Dolowicz
  • How to Complete Your UCAS application 2012 Entry: The Insider Guide to Making a Winning UCAS Application - Trotman

There are also books that are directed straight to your course, for example if you were doing Dentistry, then it would be perhaps wise to invest in a book such as 'Succeeding in your application to Dental School' which contains 30 University Dental School personal statements and for medicine 'Get into Medical School - Write the Perfect Personal Statement' which features one hundred real successful Medical Personal statements.

So it would be definitely worth a quick search to see if there are books out there directed especially to your course, however these are usually only aimed at the more popular subjects, such as Law, Medicine etc.

You can also try looking for ebooks with personal statement examples.

Through sites like Amazon which contains kindle ebooks such as '160 successful Law School Personal statements, which can't be bought as a hard copy.

Or via the internet generally, download the ebooks in PDF files from sites such as 'ebookbrowse' and 'ebookee'. Try finding them just through doing a quick search for them on Google, but feature the term 'ebook'.

As most people will do the first option of searching on the internet (the student room statement library etc.) for university personal statement examples and not go looking through these sorts of guides, they are missing out on two major things that these type of books are providing you.

First - Whether you can actually class the personal statement as 'successful' or not? They might be taking features from a 'bad personal statement' from the internet, but where as in the books you know that the personal statement samples you are reading are successful.

Second - How to actually use the samples of personal statements, for your own benefit? What are you looking for in the sample? Where as in the books, they are actually telling  you what makes it good, so you don't have to go looking for the features that exist in well written personal statements.

Also you are exposing yourself to more university personal statement examples, this can only increase your knowledge of creating an excellent personal statement further, than those who have just read them from the internet.