University of Kentucky Apparel

UK Fans Wearing Kentucky Apparel

This is a short breakdown as to why I love sporting UK clothing so very much.

Kentucky apparel simply makes me cheerful.  I know a ton of other UK supporters that will agree with me too. People would let you know that there is nothing else more enjoyable than putting on your favorite t-shirt for gameday.
The University of Kentucky has given me a few of the most memorable occasions in my life.  At the time of those acclaimed moments you better believe I was sporting some article of clothing that said Kentucky on it.

My leading choice
Hands down, my favorite kind of Kentucky apparel is t-shirts.  Updated shirts are always accepted in my archive.  You have to keep the wardrobe fresh.  I have to confess that I am a sucker for a vintage shirt.  Even if it is a shiny new shirt that appears vintage, that is all right by me.  What is honestly the coolest though is an genuine old shirt that is all broken in.

Good old Kentucky t-shirts will forever have a special place in my heart.  You will likely wonder why anybody would want to wear an ancient Kentucky shirt that has five holes in it.  Simply because it has a story behind it and any time I dig it out of my drawer I always remember when and why I got it.  Take the 1996 NCAA Basketball Championship t-shirt that I stood and waited in line forever to get my hands on.  That one is the best memory to me.  You can not win the argument if you try to convince me to throw that piece of clothing away.

I have an awesome Kentucky Athletics shirt that my Dad wore back when he was a student.  It's so unique to me given the fact that it has a very nice retro look to it and it is something my Dad really enjoyed and passed down to me.  I know it simlpy a t-shirt.  Call me insane or sappy but it has special meaning and I won't get rid of it until it shreds to pieces in the wash.

Coming In Second
This is a close second, because I associate sweatshirts with cold autumn weather.  What goes along with fall conditions?  College Football  and tailgating!  And what coincides with cool weather conditions, college football and tailgating?  That's right you guessed it sweatshirts.

Each year a large group of my buddies gather in the parking lot of Commonwealth Stadium to tailgate and eat some great food.  Every year as the weather starts to get cooler the cozy clothes appear.  My very first choice is my trusty UK hooded sweatshirt.

It's a straightforward grey sweatshirt with only the name Kentucky scrolled across the chest.  I consider it a classic and definitely timeless.  You wouldn't be able to identify if acquired it today or 20 years back except for the fact that it might be a bit tattered, or as I like to refer to it, broken in.

There' s No Greater Fan Base
University of Kentucky fans are fanatical, or at least that is what people on the outside looking in believe.  I would claim that we are just the most energetic collegiate sports fans in America.  For me there's absolutely no greater way to demonstrate my appreciation for my adored college, than donning clothes with Kentucky written across it whenever feasible.