Introduction to my experience at the University of Toronto's Engineering Program

This article is meant to serve as an introduction to the (hopefully) many articles I will write in the upcoming weeks about my experience with the University of Toronto's Engineering program.

I started off in the Track One program first year, which is a general engineering program that gives you guaranteed admission to any of the eight engineering disciplines in second year, provided you score a 60% or higher average in your ten courses. The disciplines offered are:

1. Computer Engineering

2. Electrical Engineering

3. Civil Engineering

4. Mechanical Engineering

5. Mineral Engineering

6. Material Science Engineering

7. Industrial Engineering

8. Chemical Engineering

If you fail to score above a 60% average, you can still pick your top three choices, and if there is space, you will be considered for each in the order you are specified. I believe (quote: I believe) that you are guaranteed to get into at least one of the 8, although it may not be any of the top three you pick.

Coming out of high school, I had no clue what I wanted to do, so I figured I would take a year and do general engineering and see which of the disciplines I preferred.  However, the program was very competitive to get into (probably because everyone was in the same boat as me decision-wise), and I ended up getting an offer on the last possible day.

In the coming days, I will write of my experience in first year, the courses I took, and my advice for success in each. I have gone from a student with marks in the low 60's (C-) to a student now on the Dean's List with an 80+ semesterly average. I hope to communicate the mistakes I have made and lessons I have learned so that you do not have to go through the same process I did, and instead can be an A+ student in your first year!

Engineering is an extremely tough discipline (any type of engineering), and especially at UofT. It has taken years of hard work and a constant change of attitude to succeed in the program, and I hope that I can ease the process for you. Stay tuned for tips and tricks to succeed, along with the courses I have taken and my guidance on them.

Until then...have a great day and thanks for reading!

Michael Capicotto