When we are striving for changes in life, one could typically make the assumption that there is a level of commitment that must be maintained in order for the changes to stick with us in the future. These commitments might be in regards to a relationship, your family, personal goals, etc.

Most people are good at saying they want to change something, or do something different, but it rarely actually happens. Why is this? Why do we lose focus so easily?

At the end of the day - there are five major levels of commitment. So here we go...

  • Indifference. If you simply have an "I don't care" attitude and approach, then you have a desire to change that equates to nothing at all. This is rare.
  • You Hope, You Wish, You Pray. Depending on your profession, you often hear people proclaim certain things they desire to have happen to them. You might hear someone say "I'm really hoping that I get that promotion next month." When people hope, wish, and pray - they aren't going to get very far. While they express a sense of care, it's unlikely that they are going get out of their comfort zone and actually do something about it.
  • Your Going To Try. What your inner voice tells itself, or the words you use, are crucial when you are in the beginning stages of something important or big. Let's say you know your goals can only be met if you make at least 15 sales calls per day. But if you say at lunchtime, "I'm going to try and make those calls to day, hopefully I get around to them." - well good luck, because your lack of definitiveness just doomed you! It won't happen!
  • You Are Committed, But... You feel great and confident about your commitment and little will get in your way. However, you will allow for specific circumstances to interrupt or cause you to stray from your commitment. This is not a bad place to be, but there's better.
  • Whatever It Takes, You Are 100% Committed. When you are 100% committed, there's nothing short of death or emergency that will stand in the way of you and your commitment. You schedule around it, you make special time for it, you do whatever you have to do to make sure that your commitment is fulfilled.

By being 100% committed, you create new experiences for yourself and do a heck of a lot of learning!