Seek Your Hidden Talent

One may think that besides being an old unit of measure, of weighting bearing tolerating--- talent is a sun-kissed ability that is innate with you, or an aptitude that you more daringly have acquired. Thus, often talent is seen as a glowing ability or aptitude of hardly explainable origin.

So is it possible for a person to be good at nothing?

You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. We still have a lot of life to find out what we're good at while we still exist. And even if you aren't astounding at something, as long as you like doing it you can always practice and think, while one person may be good at sports, and another at math, maybe another person is just good at giving advice or always being there for those who need them.

Some of us don't settle for one thing to be crazy about. We'd rather have variety. But maybe you don't give stuff enough time, or maybe you want to quit things when you find out there'll be effort involved to get really good at something. Maybe you just haven't found the right thing yet.

If you have read or are reading many books about talent, about "how to unleash your talents", you have had and still have the aptitude of reading all those books about talents. If you almost do cry every night being such a baby, lamenting onto your failures of being worthless; you have developed a talent or a habit of crying deliberately at will. Now who wouldn’t have thought about that? 

On the other side, talent in itself is another thing. It does have a wondrous or even weird life of its own. But a faith in talent is a good attitude. You do want to become clever at something? Wants to be seen as a talented personality with something? You will have to try and more precisely identify that something, that field or domain, in which you do want to become talented. It is possible for you to discover and to develop a talent, the clever aptitude that you would love to have.

  • It is very important to have faith. To have passion without conflict within you, hence that you may staunchly more daringly dedicate yourself to that which you do want to develop into a talent. Also, it is very important to face with calm objectivity all that which is encompassed in your endeavors in order to achieve experience in order to become an expert in order to gain satisfaction or pride within yourself and also the admiration of populace.


  • You need to know what you want and aim for it. You can't be a successful businessman, invent something, be a movie star and be famous all at the same time. Choose one and then go from there. But they're all so different fields, so it depends on how to start your journey. For instance, if you want to invent something, first you have to invent it, and then market it, commercialize it and make it popular. If you want to be a famous actor, then you have to start small, get an agent and work your way up bigger and bigger. Pick something you love doing and your best at and then talk to someone who really knows that business.

You just have to keep trying until you find something that interests you.
If you cannot live without something, then it is your passion, but if you participate in something you dread attending every time that event takes place, then, as much as you wish it could be, is probably not your given talent.

Keep trying & and you'll seek your hidden talent. Just remember: Everybody has a talent, but the hard part is finding I, thus, do be persistent. Cheer up!