I will be helping you jailbreak your iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS on firmware 3.1.2 and running base-band 05.11.07

It's quick and easy, if you ever encounter problems or just want your iPhone back to original, just do a simple restore in iTunes. Note: if you want to jailbreak in the future don't upgrade to 3.1.3, restore with 3.1.2

This will also jailbreak your device, if you want to jailbreak but not unlock click here.

Things You Will Need

iPhone 2G,3G,3GS
Internet Access on you iPhone and computer
Ability to follow steps

Step 1

You will need to be running firmware 3.1.2 on you iPhone, if you don't have it click here to download. Once downloaded connect your iPhone, open iTunes, and hold "shift", click restore, and search for the firmware 3.1.2 you downloaded.

Step 2

Download and install BlackRa1n

Step 3

MakeitRain1Open BlackRa1n, connect iPhone, and close iTunes.

Step 4

make it rain 1Click "Make it Rain"

Step 5

blackra1n iconThis is where your iPhone will jailbreak, it will connect/disconnect and you will see a picture of Ge0Hot, your iPhone will reboot and you will now have a BlackRa1n icon.

Step 6

snowdffOpen up BlackRa1n and select Cydia (That's For The Jailbreak) and Sn0w, install, you won't see the Sn0w icon but Cydia will pop up, we will deal with that later.

If you want to unlock an iPhone 2G, DO NOT install BlackSn0w!!

Step 7

For iPhone 3G,3GS users you are now done the jailbreak and unlock, just test if Cydia works properly and open the BlackRa1n app and click uninstall, this will remove BlackRa1n from your device. Once completed restart your device.

Step 8

2g only

This step is ONLY for iPhone 2G users who want to unlock. I repeat, if you have an iPhone 3G or 3GS, DO NOT process with this step. Launch Cydia and search for the BootNeuter app. Download and install it. Launch the BootNeuter app and tweak the settings as the image below.

When all the settings are set correctly, tap the "Flash" button. Now wait. It could take a while so be patient. Under no circumstance should you abort the process

Step 9


The whole process shouldn't take more than 10 minutes (more for iPhone 2G that needs to be flashed). It definitely is an easy jailbreak and unlock.

Step 10

After your done all this click here to proceed with the benefits of jailbreaking

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If you want to go back just restore to 3.1.2 in iTunes not 3.1.3 unless your planning on never unlocking your iPhone again.

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