The process for unlocking a cell phone is required if a cell phone user wants to use a different carrier than the one originally intended by the brand at the time of purchase. Cell phone companies lock particular name brand phones to their service for various reasons, but to you that just means a little bit more work. Not to worry, this guide shall make finding a resource suitable for your unlocking needs quick... and setting up your cell phone relatively easy.

Unlocking your phone with the help of a company can be the right way to go if you're not afraid to spend a little more. Simply search for an unlocking company and find a competitive price.

Some companies electronically lock cell phones, so they may need professional unlocking. That is why we present that option first. Ebay and other sites also carry sellers that have already completed unlocking various phones. So if the brands or phone you need is already unlocked, simply buy one. It's that easy.

If your current phone needs unlocking and it is not electronically locked, then the best and simplest option is to take the SIM card out. Normally, it is behind the battery compartment of the phone. Switching this SIM card for another- one that functions with your carrier- will serve to unlock your phone for use. If it does not function as it should, contact your provider to notify them of the switch and request a walk-through, if there are any special steps needed for the transition to take place.

Cell phone companies usually lock cell phones to certain providers because of competitors who may wish to use their affiliated brands of cell phone products. This gives them the advantage of charging either more for data or the minutes within a contract-- depending on the carrier policies--while lowering pricing on the cell phone itself.

If you have signed a contract that is two years in length and included a cancellation fee of over $100, it can be difficult ot make a switch from one company to another – simply to use a particular brand of phone. So it may be best to stick to the same carrier and when you are scheduled to receive an upgrade, buy the better deal to compensate for this catch-22 situation.

Unlocking your cell phone is necessary to connect to a carrier that is not intended for that phone at purchase. Fortunately, many resources and specialty stores online provide easy solutions for electronically locked phones, as well as ones requiring a simple swap of a SIM card.