Unlocked CDMA phones are not very easy to come by these days. If you are at all familiar with the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) network, you will know that they do not allow their users to have their phones unlocked in most cases. When you go to get a cellular phone plan from any of the providers through CDMA, you are basically required to buy a phone that they have stocked in the vendor that supplies your plan. For example, if you wanted to sign up with Sprint, you will be required to select a phone that they offer in the Sprint store (or a phone that is compatible with their network).

The reason that most people are not able to get unlocked CDMA phones is because they select a phone that is "locked" and needs activation from the company in order for it to be utilized. Your cellular phone plan would not be active if you got yourself a phone that did not come "locked." All unlocked cellular phones come with what is called a SIM card reader. This reader is able to hold a "subscriber information module" which traces all calling activity back to the user. Phones that are offered with Sprint, Verizon, and Virgin Mobile plans will not have a SIM card reader or slot available inside of the phone to trace your calling activity.

Is there any way to get unlocked CDMA cell phones? Yes, there are many customizations that have been made with phones on this network, but it usually is not easy to do. In many cases it is not at all possible to turn a phone that is "locked" into one that can be "unlocked." This means that if you currently have an unlocked GSM phone, but would like to buy a CDMA phone in order to use with your SIM card, it is going to be incompatible. There have been people that have "hacked" their phones by reconstructing their inner workings, but for most people this is far too difficult to do.

What should a person do that wants to get unlocked CDMA phones? The best thing to do if you want an unlocked phone is to switch over to a provider that issues phones with SIM cards. This means you would have to get a new cell phone plan under either AT&T or T-Mobile; both of these companies will be able to issue you a phone that includes a slot to fit a SIM card. Attempting to "hack" and transfer your activation information from one CDMA cell phone to another is extremely difficult and not recommended.

There are some fundamental differences between GSM phones and CDMA phones. You should make sure that you understand each network before you buy your phone. In most states, you will have the ability to choose whether or not you would like to sign up under a GSM cell phone plan or stick with a locked CDMA phone. There are a lot of people that do not like to deal with transferring their SIM cards from phone to phone, but overall, there are more people in the CDMA network that wish they would have the ability to unlock their cell phones.