Protect your unoccupied property with a trusted insurance firm

Property insurance: the right option to protect your unoccupied property

Like most people, you would not want anything that you worked hard for to just vanish into thin air. You want everything that you own to be protected, that is why you buy different insurance plans such as car insurance, building insurance, small business insurance, life insurance, health insurance, etc. You look for insurance plans that offer insurance coverage on almost everything that you want to be protected. But how about your properties that are unoccupied?

A property may be unoccupied for many reasons. One reason could be that the previous owner have died thus putting the property on sale or a property may have just been purchased by a new landlord yet has not found a new tenant that would occupy the new place. At times like these, the property may be unoccupied for couple of weeks or much longer. It could also be that the new owner may want the house renovated before moving in at the future time thus making it unoccupied for a few days or longer.

Now you may ask if there is an insurance plan in the market that insures protection to your unoccupied properties. In reality, it is difficult to find insurance for empty houses. You may ask why this is so. The answer is simple; it is because some building insurance companies do not grant cover for properties that are unoccupied for so long. The main reason for this is unoccupied properties can encounter many problems such as fire damage, burglary, flood damage, weather damage, electric problems, escape of water, etc. Most insurance companies do not want to dive into these risks.

To find an unoccupied property insurance that would fit your preferences, you need to look around and shop. Compare all insurance plans that you will find before choosing which to buy. There is a website called, an online help that will help you in searching for the best unoccupied property insurance in the market.  All you have to do is visit the website, fill out one simple form, and within a few minutes you can view and compare the best prices in the market today. You will surely save time and you might likely save money as well. All these can be done while you enjoy the comfort of your own home.

To those who have unoccupied property insurance, it is quite known to them that acquiring such type of insurance is difficult, so for those who are still shopping for the best insurance plans in the market, it is best to seek advice from people who have the know-how about such matter. If you are a holder of unoccupied property insurance because you are on an extended business trip abroad or on an extended holiday; your property is unoccupied due to refurbishment; your property is under probate or for any other reason, you must take note of these few pieces of advice.

Everybody knows that vacant houses have become easy target for vandals and burglars, so you have to make sure that when you leave your property unoccupied you have to make it look like it is being occupied. You can do this by asking your neighbor to park their car in the driveway of your property. You also have to have someone check the property regularly. You can have your relatives visit your property and regularly move the curtains. Make sure to have written records of each internal and external inspection so that these can be useful to validate the time of the inspection in the events of claim. Make sure that all potential entry points to your property are locked such as windows and doors, and all services that are unused will be switch off. This will reduce the risk of fire damages to your property.

As an insurance holder, you should also not forget to inform you insurer about the occupancy status of your property. A common mistake by insurance holders is not to inform insurance companies that their house in unoccupied. It should be noted that insurers should know every single detail which could affect the level of risk they are taking with each property. If you fail to disclose important facts, your unoccupied property insurance policy may become invalid.