A password is no guarantee for secure wireless

  • Many public networks, such as coffee shops and universities that are protected with a password. To connect to the WLAN, you must enter a password so only.
  • However, this does not automatically mean that you can safely surf the Internet. Because most of you are on the same network as all other users - in this case it's not a big problem to track data transfers on your computer and read.
  • On the other hand are just public Wi-Point is an ideal point of incidence for criminals as it is here for all other data sets are, as in a private home network - the chance to lucrative data (passwords, account data, etc.) get hold is correspondingly higher.

Enable the antivirus and firewall on your computer

  • If you use an unsecured wireless, then it is more important that your computer is protected. So make sure that the firewall is enabled on your computer.
  • Likewise, the anti-virus on your computer to be activated and are mainly up to date.
  • This should be a prerequisite but anyway, if you own a computer and integrates them into networks (whether secured or unsecured).

Do not visit sensitive sites and send any confidential information

  • If you use an unsecured wireless, then you limit the delivery of private data to a minimum. Visit also contain web pages that private details.
  • Above all, the visit of online banking sites, or the like is not recommended in any case. 
  • Data that can help you visit such sites, as well as incurred when sending emails to an unsecured network are all too easily be intercepted by third parties and read. In this way, even passwords that you enter on Web pages are read along.

Look for folders that you have shared with networks

  • Also note that on the folders that you have shared over a network (eg on Windows "Shared folders"), can be accessed very easily - even if you do not surf the Internet.
  • As well as making either cancel this release, as long as you are in an unsecured network. Or make sure that such a shared folder does not contain sensitive data.