These Athletes Should Be In Jail

Throughout the history of sports, there have been bad moments in time.  Then, there are the very worst moments in sports.  Check out some of ugliest incidents to ever take place in the world of sports from fans and athletes.  Some of these athletes should have been jailed for their actions, but few actually were.

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Angel Matos Loses Bronze Medal, Kicks Ref In Face

What do you do if you’re in the Olympics, competing for a Bronze medal in taekwondo and lose?  You get mad and kick the ref in the face.  That’s exactly what Angel Matos did in the 2008 games. 

Argentinian Fighter Knocks Out Ref

The series of punches takes place about 16 seconds in.  The fighter connects with multiple shots to the head of the ref and knocks him out before it can be broken up.

Tyson Bites Holyfield's Ear Off

What do you do when you’re trying to make a comeback, but the fighter you’re fighting is better than you?  You bite his ear off!  This is exactly what happened in the ring on June 28, 1997, during the fabled fight.  Holyfield never had the missing half of his ear reattached.   

The best shot of the ear bite is at 2:40, the ones you see before that are just ‘minor’ bites that don’t actually result in any body parts coming off.  There are several replays shown after the 2:40 mark as well.

McSorely Uses Hockey Stick As Weapon

Marty McSorley took it upon himself to smack Donald Brashear with his hockey stick, from behind.   There was three seconds left in the game played on February 21, 2000. McSorley skates up behind Brashear and hits him on the right side of his face, with his stick, in a blindside attack that marred hockey.  Brashear, following the hit, falls backward and smacks his head on the ice, losing consciousness. 

The slow-motion replay is at the 1:30 mark.

Gilbert Yvel Punches Ref

Yvel, known as a dirty fighter,  was in an MMA fight with Atte Backman when he intentionally punches the ref and kicks him in the head when he’s down.  How this goon continued in the sport is beyond me.

Pacers Versus Pistons Versus Fans - All Out Brawl

What do you do if someone throws a drink at you from in the distance, following a fight on the court?  You go up into the stands and punch the fan!  What do you do if a fan is on the court following the incident?  You bull rush him and punch him in the face.  Unfortunately, there are several moments in this single video that could alone be considered among the worst ever.

The last two minutes show the replays of the nastiest player versus fan shots.

Joe Namath Harasses Suzy Kolber

How sad.  Namath also holds one of the greatest moments in all of sports history when he guaranteed his underdog Jets would win the Super Bowl.  Well, times have changed.  Fast forward to 2007; Joe apparently now likes to drink and tell women, on live television, that he wants to kiss them over and over again.  He even moves in for the kiss on the sideline reporter.  Kolber is a cutie, but she’s also one of the best in the business and deserves a lot more respect.  

Charlie Brown Tries To Kick A Football

Okay, this one isn’t serious, but come on!  Charlie Brown has been trying to kick that stupid ball for decades and still hasn’t connected.  Knock it off, Lucy!


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