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Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? Have you ever wanted to be in a superhero movie? Have you ever thought to yourself "I wonder who didn't make the cut for the Avengers". Unsung Heroes Webseries chooses D-List Heroes who haven't exactly made "the cut" to save the world from evil. Time to step out of the comic books and save Falcon City!!


Phoenix Black

Phoenix Black is a self-absorbed karaoke champ who is new to the superhero scene and leader of the Unsung Heroes. His perfect blend of dancing and martial arts prowess makes him a peak fighter when music is playing. When the music turns off though, he can't fight his way out of a paperbag! Portrayed by Devin Peacock


Captain Armstrong

Captain Armstrong is a veteran superhero who has to now redefine himself after being forcefully retired from the Apex Heroes. He will continue to use his super-strength and invulnerability to protect citizens... even with a bad back! Portrayed by Nick Searles


Annie Gloom

Annie Gloom is a gothic beauty who is just as scary as she is blasé about heroics. Agreeing to be an Unsung Hero out of boredom, Annie uses the power to cause depression in those around her to battle the forces of evil. Portrayed by Justine S. Harrison


Heather Royale

Heather Royale- This glamorous drag queen channels Beyonce, Wonder Woman and Xena Warrior Princess. As useful as she is with her superspeed, the challenge is getting her to stop gawking at herself in the mirror, long enough to save the day. Portrayed by Frankie LaPace


Revanant Lad

Revenant Lad is a short Indian Fan-boy who puts most comic book geeks to shame! He uses his power of teleportation to do everything a traditional superhero does. However his severe A.D.D. tends to get in the way of his heroics. Portrayed by Jatin Saraf