Long hair cat

It can be such a harrowing task: untangling matted cat hair.. Who has come up with a simple, painless solution? Many seem to recommend taking them to the cat groomer and shaving off the entire matted area. Matted hair is caused by a number of reasons. It may be in an area that they can not reach for self-grooming. Shedding and sweating also adds to matting of the fur.

Perhaps you would like to try a homemade method first. Make sure that your cat is relaxed and happy. Pamper them by brushing their fur and grooming them, let them feel your love as you look at their nails, ears and just an overall caring type of attention, in a loving and playful way. A new stuffed mouse would be in order to take their mind off of things. Show them the bottle of olive oil, place a drop on your finger, let them lick it off. Now show them the comb and gently brush the unmatted areas. You want them to experience a relaxing, massage-like sensation. Put on some soft, relaxing music, this process may take a while. Even aromatic candles would add to this nurturing environment you wish to invoke.

Time for pet grooming

Place a towel on your lap. All of the required items should be close by. You will need a bowl of olive oil, several types of toothed combs, a bowl of water, grooming scissors, pet clipper, cat treats and paper towels. Hold them in your lap and offer them a tasty treat. Pour the olive oil on the matted area, saturate well. Start separating and combing through the matted hair with your fingers, alternating with the comb, work slowly, one or two strands at a time. If there is a snarly piece that requires some pulling, then push down on the scalp simultaneously, so it is painless. Start cutting out the badly matted areas with the grooming scissors. Make sure your little feline is still relaxed. Give them some treats and comforting attention while untangling your cat's matted hair.

Untangling tools

Use the different types and sizes of toothed combs to help untangle certain salvageable ares. Keep the area you are focusing on wet with water, continue working out the tangles. Use the pet clipper at the end when you feel it is absolutely necessary. Take them to a professional groomer if it requires shaving close to the skin.