Unique Christmas ideas allow you to put your own personal stamp on the holidays. You don't have to stick with a country, modern or traditional design style. Your house can show off who you are and what you like. It's important to have unifying themes or color palettes so that your decorations don't look messy. However, you can break the box of traditional Christmas decorating and pick something that suits your lifestyle and design aesthetic. This way it will really stand out among all of the other homes in the neighborhood. It is a holiday after all, so celebrate it your own way.

Don't be sad if you're single on the holidays. Celebrate it! This means that you can decorate any way you want; you can even have a pink Christmas tree if your heart desires. You can bring in a masculine touch by pairing a pink tree with chocolate brown ornaments. Use touches of gold for an elegant look or keep it feminine with ivory accents.

You can make your own pink Christmas ornaments if you can't find them in the store. Try dipping traditional ornaments in sparkly pink paint and glitter. You can also just head to the floral section of the store and wire bright Gerber daises all over your tree for a big impact that is still feminine. Use the old balloon, glue and string trick to make your own ornaments from yarn. Once you pop the balloon you'll have a delicate ornament in your colors of choice.

You can still stick with tradition by hanging a wreath on your door. However, choose an unusual wreath so you can tell your house from all of the others in your neighborhood. Square wreaths give Christmas decorations strong geometric lines. Since you're changing up the shape of a wreath you mine as well change up the material as well. Try going with fragrant bay leaves instead of traditional evergreens. You can also just get rid of the greenery altogether and opt for a white carnation or rose wreath. This works well in an area with warmer weather. It combines the climate with the holidays.

Unique Christmas decor wouldn't be complete without a tree. You might want to turn it into an art statement. This allows you to make a big impact in the room without worrying about all the little lights and ornaments. Instead, opt for several trees. You can line them up for a modern look. Use neon colors like orange, pink and lime green. You'll often find these trees deeply discounted after the holidays because you are the only one brave enough to actually use them.

One of the pitfalls in making unique Christmas decorations is all of those gifts and inherited pieces. You may feel like you have to display items because they were gifts but they totally interrupt your design style. Bring out that spray paint; just make sure you have one that is suitable for metal and another one that works with plastic. You can unify all of those Christmas ornaments with silver leaf. Then you'll have a matching set of silver Christmas ornaments but each one will be unique and have a different memory associated with it. You can also paint items that may seem too country such as reindeer. Give them a sleek black finish for a modern touch that will also accent any wood tones in the room. Look for gold crystal glasses and hang oversized paper lanterns in the room to act as makeshift ornaments.

You can still be unique and keep in with a traditional theme like a country Christmas. Bring out the popcorn and cranberry garlands. Then mix things up by hanging pieces of dried fruit such as orange slices and interspersing them with twigs or faux fruits. Head to the craft store or the dollar store and look through the regular aisles instead of going with store bought Christmas decorations. Garlands will also always read as Christmas decorations, even if they are made from twigs or berries in neutral colors. Just make sure that whatever item you choose is non flammable if it's going to be around lights.

Unique Christmas decorations can still be traditional. The key is to pick one traditional element and repeat it over and over in a unique way. You might want to spice up your presents by varying the paper in shades of olive green or sage. This will give it a chic look while still keeping with traditional holiday color palettes. Wrap real ribbons around your presents instead of going with foil bows. Keep your trees looking put together by using just one whimsical ornament repeated several times. Fill in the negative space with different sizes of glass balls. Look for creams, ivories, taupes and golds to change up the traditional ornament color palette and give your tree a peaceful air. Make a statement with oversized origami stars or large cutouts of birds.

If you're short on space, time and money going in a different direction can really help you out. You can decorate your room for Christmas very simply. Keep it understated by hanging bows over your existing artwork or hanging a shimmering silver curtain on the windows. Then add some red throw pillows to brighten up gray or white furniture. This allows you to use some of the pieces year round and mix and match with whatever is readily available and fits within your budget. Save colorful holiday light bulbs. You can place these in a vase or glue them onto Styrofoam balls for a one of a kind Christmas decoration. You can also go with a jeweled tone theme by gluing peacock feathers to ball ornaments. This will allow you to decorate in shades of green, teal and purple for the holidays. You can use your favorite colors when decorating for the holidays to keep everything unique. An orange Christmas ornament will still read as a Christmas ornament, it will just be unique.

Making and finding unique Christmas decorations can be a new part of your holidays. You can create a new tradition of being different while saving money in your budget.