How to Read the Signs of Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy Signs You Might Not Know

Every pregnancy is different and if you have ever picked up a pregnancy book or known someone who has been pregnant in the past then you have most likely heard of many of the common signs of pregnancy like nausea and fatigue.

Early Pregnancy

However from my own experiences and from talking to many pregnant women over the years one thing I noticed is how many other possible signs of pregnancy we all shared that are less talked about and that you don't normally find in pregnancy books or guides.

There is no real evidence to support these symptoms as a sign of pregnancy but if you are experiencing some of these unusual (but harmless) symptoms early in your first trimester or if you are waiting to find out if you are pregnant then you may recognize some of them.

Here are the top 5 unusual pregnancy symptoms that real women have experienced early on.

If you are experiencing unusual symptoms and you are feeling worried, contact your doctor, don't be afraid to ask, they won't mind answering your questions and it's what they are there for. You will feel better and anxiety is not good for you or your baby!

No 1. - Sneezing in Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy Rhinitis

Have you been sneezing a lot lately?

From my experience and having talked to friends about their pregnancies one of the most common symptoms that a lot of women seem to notice early on is sneezing excessively.

Sneezing early in pregnancy seems to be a very early experience that occurs in the first couple of weeks and only lasts for a short time. If you have ever had hay fever then it is similar to that but seems to happen out of the blue instead of as an allergic reaction. It can happen day or night at any time of the year.

This is actually a common pregnancy symptom and is called pregnancy rhinitis where the nasal passages can become inflamed and is usually caused by an overproduction of mucous which is also a common result of pregnancy

No 2. - Restless Leg Syndrome

This pregnancy symptom is one that is better known that sneezing but less is known about it. I suffered with restless legs throughout all four of my pregnancies, from start to finish and it was an incredibly uncomfortable time.

Restless legs in pregnancy can make it hard to sleep, had to sit comfortably or get comfortable at all. No matter how active you are once you try to sit still your legs will start to ache  and the only relief seems to be to keep moving and stretching them constantly.

Not a lot is known about restless leg syndrome. During my first pregnancy I mentioned it to my doctor who had no answer for me. Some people say it is caused by too much caffine, others say to cut out dairy products from your diet.

I tried many different things but it never made a difference. If you have found a trigger for restless leg syndrome in pregnancy or a cure please share it in the comment section below. I would love to hear it!

No. 3 - Being Extra Thirsty

This is another symptom that isn't in a lot of books but is one that most of the women I spoke to experienced and it's not a bad symptom unless it is very extreme in which case you should speak to your doctor.

Personally I had to drink more often, I got thirsty more often and had to carry a drink around with me at all times. Water most of the time and I would frequently wake in the middle of the night thirsty.

Drinking a healthy amount of water is good for your body so while this might be an indication that you are expecting it's also just a good practice to get into!

No. 4 - Strange Dreams or Baby Dreams

This is one that you don't often find in the books but nearly every woman I spoke to told me they experienced especially at the beginning of their pregnancy.

Unusual dreams or dreams about babies is very common in the first few weeks and although I am not an expert I am guessing it has something to do with the hormonal changes going on in our bodies.

Dreams that seem a bit more real or lucid dreaming are the most common types where you have to take a few moments when you wake up to sort out what's real and what was just a dream.

These dreams are usually very realistic in that you may feel as if you can touch things, you might know you are dreaming or you might not but everything feels real from sunlight on your face to the grass under your feet. They are usually good dreams, they may be strange or funny but seldom nightmares.

No. 5 - Hunger

I could always tell I was pregnant by the change in my hunger levels. I would go from fine to starving in seconds and it was a completely different, more urgent type of hunger that I only ever experienced during my pregnancies.

If you feel this way (and you are pregnant), remember it's your body telling you that you need something, listen to your body and eat! Your body is the best guide to what you need to eat and when and unusual cravings (food) is a sign that you are lacking in something that your body needs. If you are craving non food items (pica) try finding an edible substitute and speak to your doctor at your next appointment.

Unless you are only starving for chocolate or Ben and Jerry's ice cream, that type of hunger is known as cravings! Remember to eat a healthy balanced diet as much as possible, the odd treat is fine too!

Your Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Did you have any of the above signs or symptoms in early pregnancy or did you have other symptoms that are not listed here?

If you have please leave a comment and let me know of your experiences. I would love to hear about them.