Engagement rings are very important for women. It’s the item they will probably wear for the rest of their life. The ring will be a reminder of the special moment when they were proposed. And, because the special lady from your life needs something really unique, here are some ideas of unusual engagement rings.

 Unusual Engagement Rings For Unforgettable Moments

The engagement ring is closely related to a very important moment: the proposal. Well, if you want to transform the proposal into an unforgettable moment, then you need to pick just the right ring. Every woman dreams about something unique, something that reflects her personality. To accomplish that, don’t buy her the first ring you see. Instead of purchasing a common engagement ring, find a very good jeweler and, with his help, design a ring just for her. This way, you have the possibility to include, in the ring, design elements that you know she would love. Traditionally, engagement rings have diamonds. However, with unusual engagement rings, there are no rules. For example, you can trade the diamond for her birthstone or for a precious stone in her favorite colors. Who says that ruby or sapphire gemstones are not suitable for an engagement ring? Also, you have the liberty to pick the material. Generally, gold is preferred for wedding rings, but, if you know for sure that your fiancée loves silver, you can pick a silver mount for her favorite stone.

Unusual Engagement Rings – Are Stones Mandatory?

Most people simply can’t imagine an engagement ring without a proper stone. But, since we’re talking about unusual engagement rings, we need to question that too: are stones absolutely required? There are women who simply don’t like stones and don’t want to wear an eye-catching, expensive ring every day, for the rest of their life. The solution is to pick a ring that stands out through design and the way it’s crafted, not through the stone. Antique rings, by excellence, have exquisite, unique designs and are artistically crafted. The way the gold is shaped becomes the point of interest of the ring: multiple facets and interesting shapes transform a simple ring into a real piece of art.

 Unusual Engagement Rings – Colored Diamonds

 Well, there are hundreds of engagement rings featuring transparent diamonds. In fact, the idea of engagement ring seems to be completely tied out white, transparent diamonds. For unusual engagement rings, you need to know that you can pick a different color for the diamond. There are exotic diamonds, like yellow, blue, green or pink ones. If you purchase a ring adorned with such a special stone, your fiancée will be very impressed by the uniqueness of the item.

A great idea is to get for her an entire set of jewelries, to match her engagement ring. You can purchase a set containing a pair of earrings, a necklace and a bracelet, containing the same type of diamonds. Your wife-to-be will enjoy wearing such and exquisite set for your wedding and for other special occasions.

 Truly Unusual Engagement Rings

If you and your fiancée are truly unconventional people, then you can go for something completely out of ordinary. There are very unusual engagement rings, made of rare metals, like tungsten or colored titanium. Other options are exotic shades of gold, like pink or sage gold.  As for stones, very unusual choices for engagement rings are the ones in very dark colors, like black or dark blue gemstones. Another great idea, if you are searching for unusual engagement rings, is to select one with a special message. You can search for inspiration in different cultures. Celtic and Egyptian inspired designs look amazing on an engagement ring.  The most unusual type of ring, for an engagement, is…no ring at all. You can take your fiancée to a tattoo shop and have the ring tattooed directly on your fingers. Not only that’s totally inexpensive, but it’s also very original.

If you are trying to find special engagement rings, you can start searching in places like antiques shops, small shops with handmade jewelry, websites where jewelry that comes from other parts of the world is sold. The most important thing, however, is to pick an item that reflects the personality of your fiancée and means something special for the both of you.