What oddities anglers use?

Over the last decade or so fishing tackle manufacturers have moved on and produced tackle to the highest of standards out of the best possible materials. Most new fishing gear provides the angler with the most versatile and convenient piece of tackle on the market, something that will make an anglers life easier. But, anglers who fished before us seemed to use some weird and wonderful contraptions, I wonder if their discount fishing tackle actually caught them more fish than the more sophisticated tackle of today?

 Fish-N-Chum is the most versatile fishing rod holder on the planet. It has unlimited applications for all seasons. Comfortable enough to wear all day, it is engineered to accommodate virtually any size leg. Not only does this fishing rod holder free up an anglers hands, the curved shape of the base frame against the surface of a leg, provides an immediate “ feel “of any activity surrounding a bait or lure. This causes an instant reflex reaction, and through various movements of the leg, a hook can be set.

'Blinky' is the most well known mutant fish around, born in Lake Springfield and is a product of the nuclear waste of Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Now used to catch bigger and weirder fish!

 The overhead fishing net has been designed to fit over the head of the angler and and sit snug along side their waist to be used as a line tray. This helps in two ways, making it easier to 'grab' the net in anticipation of landing a fish, or to use as a line tray when deep wading. Now line trays are a different matter.

 Washing up bowls have been a godsend to fly fishermen, for as long as anyone can remember fishermen were pinching their wives washing up bowls only to strap some cord around and take fishing. Anglers wives were often spotted making a make shift washing up bowl out of old line trays!