Have a laugh at our top ten unusual Halloween gifts! And don't worry if you've left it to the last minute as many of these Halloween gift ideas can be shipped really quickly to you. Perfect presents for Halloween time when you want to get something more unusual!

In both the US and the UK, Halloween has become a huge celebration. In the UK, Halloween spending on gifts, candies, costumes, parties, themed food and other Halloween-related items has surpassed Valentine's Day in spending. Only Easter and Christmas beat Halloween in sales. It's way ahead of Mother's Day, Father's Day even when both days are combined together.

That's a lot of toffee apples, pumpkins, candies, chocolates, gummies, skeletons, scary outfits, crazy props and fake spider webs!

Here's our top ten unusual Halloween gifts and costumes:

1. Avatar Neytiri Deluxe Wig Hilarious!An Official Avatar Wig made to look just a native Pandorian Navi!! Complete with beads and details.

Unusual Halloween Costume Avatar Neytiri Wig

Buy it with the official Avatar blue make-up kit!


2. Spooky Halloween Toilet Paper Holder. Add a little conversation stopper to your bathroom during Halloween time with this fun and spooky skeleton toilet roll holder.

Unusual halloween gifts spooky skeleton toilet roll holder

3. Black Nickel Halloween Lava Lamp.

Made from the original Lava Lite company. Set the mood from the start with this stylish but spooky Halloween Lava Lite.

unusual and great halloween gifts halloween lava lamp

4. A Ghostly Group Lawn Decoration

If you're having a Halloween party in your garden, think about these ghostly garden decorations. It works really well if you are setting up an entire graveyard scene in your garden - you will have lots of compliments! Really cute


5. Very cute Halloween themed rubber ducks

If you're entertaining kids and families during Halloween, how's this for great and unusual Halloween gift ideas. A set of 12 Halloween rubber duckies that come as a ghost, witch, mummy, monster, vampire and my favorite - the rubber duckie pumpkin! Good for young children as a leaving Halloween party gift. Trouble is - the adults seem to like them too!

unusual halloween gifts halloween rubber ducks

6. Halloween cookie cutter set

Halloween ideas Halloween cookie cutter set

Really cheap but fun set of cookie cutters in Halloween shapes - ghost, ghoul, bat and pumpkin! Made from plastic out of grippy material for a comfortable grip. Has deep plastic sides for safe, easy cutting.

7. Halloween Candy Flashlights with Smarties Inside

Great halloween gift ideas halloween candy flashlights

12 Frankenstein flashlights and 12 Pumpkin flashlights. These Halloween candies have Smarties inside and when you've finished scoffing those down, you can use the flashlight for more trick and treating!

8. A Deluxe set of Skeleton bones - great for a Haunted House or Graveyard set up

A spooky bunch of bones - 28 pieces in all. Would look great spread out in your haunted house graveyard. Very well made with a realistic, cool finish - just the kind of professional-looking Halloween accessory you might see in a haunted theme park

Halloween ideas bag of skeleton bones

9. Halloween Doorchime!

If you have a Honeywell RCA2210N door chime, you can buy a spooky sounding Halloween sound card. The available scary sounds include a screaming woman, a howling wereworld, a fierce snarling animal, a moaning ghost and a sinister laugh!

unusual halloween gifts halloween door chime

10. Halloween Cemetary Graveyard Kit

Cemetary walls, tombstones, rubber spider, bat and a spider web. Everything you'll need to create an authentically spooky graveyard scene! Good for outdoors or indoors. Great talking point for a Halloween party.

Rubies costume halloween decorate cemetary club graveyard kit