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If you’ve ever hosted a party you know the type of planning it takes to have a great one.  The best parties are the ones people talk about long after the event is over.  With comments such as “I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun!” or “We have to do this again!”

Now, think about the last party you hosted or attended; what do you remember about it, was there anything memorable that stands out in your mind? Or, was there anything unusual about the event?

Now, think about what you will do for your next big shindig. Well, if you're hosting a special event in the near future and would like to do something special, here are some unusual ideas. These ideas will help you and your guests have a memorable time and make the party one people will be talking about long after it is over.

Unusual Ideas for Your Next Party


 Photo Booth: Smile! The photo booth is the hot new trend for parties, weddings, corporate events, and any gathering. People love “hamming it up” for the camera and instantly seeing their pictures on the strip that comes out of the booth. New technology has made it possible to incorporate the digital process for faster printing (no more waiting in long lines), and customization of the photo strips. You can add graphics that are unique to your event, such as a corporate logo, a custom monogram, or anything you like. In addition, digital copies of all the photos taken at your event can be put on a DVD or flash drive so you can post them online or just enjoy them in the privacy of your home. 

 Party Lucy LookalikeParty M M Lookalike

Celebrity Impersonators: Wouldn’t it be fun to have “celebrities” at your next party? Who is your favorite celebrity, is it a famous movie star from the past, or perhaps a singer? Celebrity impersonators can make your party something that people will be talking about long after it’s over. Imagine, having the movie stars from the past like Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, or Charlie Chaplin mingling with your party guests. Or envision listening to singers like Elvis Presley, Prince, Dolly Parton, or one of the contemporary singers, belting out tunes to entertain your guests. It could happen with celebrity impersonators.    


Party Candy Bar

Candy Buffet: Have “Willy Wonka” at your next party by creating a candy buffet! In addition to your normal buffet or meal, lay-out a number of different candies and let your guests indulge. Get popular candies as well as nostalgic and unusual ones. You can put them out by color, popularity, or use a certain pattern. Use containers of various sizes, shapes, and colors to add to the effect. Be sure to include some spoons or other utensils for those candies that do not have wrappers. You can also include candy bags with a customized phrase like “Happy Birthday AJ!” and let your guests fill the bags and keep them as their take home party gift. The possibilities are endless, use your imagination, your guests and your sweet tooth will love it.


Party Comedian 1

Comedian: If you are looking to hire a comedian, go to local comedy cParty Comedian 2lubs and scout-out prospects. When you find one you like, contact them and set-up a time to meet. Having a comedian at your next party can be loads of fun. You can even give the comedian some (innocent) information on the guest of honor and a few of the party guests ahead of time and let him or her create a monologue using the information. People will be surprised to hear their name and a joke or two about themselves. Also, a local comedian would have material that is centered around your community, so it will feel personal.


Party Sketch 2

Setch Artist: Have someone at your party draw characachers of the guests. This is great fun as people love to see themselves in drawings. It is also a great parting gift. If you are going to have a large gathering, it is best to have tParty Sketch 1wo or more artists, this will avoid the frustration of long lines to get a picture.




In n Out

Food Truck/In-N-Out Burger Truck: Let someone else do all the cooking, serving, and the clean-up! A food truck is a great idea. In certain Southern California areas, the popular hamburger chain In-N-Out Burger has a food truck that you can rent for your party. They make all those delicious In-N-Out burgers that we all love to eat and also serve French fries. For drinks, you can purchase sodas, fruit juices, and bottled waters at your local supermarket and keep them in a cooler nearby. Everyone loves a good burger and this has become a popular idea in many communities throughout Southern California.  


Party Entert

Entertainment: Hire local singers and actors to perform at your party. You can have people in costumes serving appetizers and telling jokes or engaging with your guests. Have a live performance while everyone is sitting to lunch or dinner. You can hire singers to perform the songs you enjoy, or hire some actors to act out a few scenes from your favorite movies or plays. It is also a great idea to get your guests involved in the fun, have them sing duets with the vocalist or improvise with the actors. You can even plan an entire theme ahead of time and create a script for the party. Let your creative side go wild and watch everyone have fun.


Party Drinks(49845)

Mix-ologists: Remember Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail? You can have someone just like that at your next get-together. Have them create a menu of drinks specifically for your party.  A  Mix-ologists will provide a show for your party guests while mixing their drinks. You can even talk to the Mix-ologist a few days in advance of the party and create a signature drink. Imagine having a unique and special drink named after the party honoree. Party Drinks 2To make it extra special, purchase specific glasses and have them personalized with the name of the drink, the event, and the guest of honor. You can even give the glasses to your guests as party gifts. Also, don’t forget to have the Mix-ologists create a number of non-alcoholic beverages for those guests under the legal drinking age. 


Party Video 2

Video Game Room or Truck: Love to play video games? You can have a company set-up several games in a room, or use their special game truck to play all your favorites. Play video games like Guitar Hero™; Rock Band™; Just Dance™; or any of the other popular games on the market. This would be a great idea if you are giving a party for someone who is a serious “gamer.”


Cotton Candy(50397)

Popcorn/Snow Cone/Cotton Candy Machines: Who doesn’t enjoy cotton candy, popcorn, or snow cones? You can rent these machines for your next party and either hire someone to work them or ask a few friends if they would help-out.



Okay, are you ready to throw your next big event now? If you’re using any of these ideas it should be a hit!  Just one more thing, please don’t forget my invitation!  

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