More than just pretend wood!

Ninety-five percent of laminate flooring products are designed to look like wood, but every once in a while you'll come across something a bit different. Laminate flooring, let's not forget, is a synthetic product, and as impressive as those realistic wood-style designs are, it's always nice to see a flooring manufacturer flexing their creative muscles and really pushing the boundaries of what laminate flooring can look like. Without these oddball geniuses, the flooring industry would be very dull indeed.

So forget for a moment about trying to find a laminate flooring product that looks just like wood, and let's take a trip to the outer reaches of Laminate Flooring Land...

Zebrano Laminate Flooring

ZebranoCredit: Taken from

You might have come across zebrawood, but even that distinctly stripey wood species isn't as eye-catching as this floor. The zebrano laminate floor was created by the clever folks at Kronotex, and while it does look a little bit like real wood, that mad, multicoloured veneer is a far funkier prospect than any solid wood floor.

Glossy Red Tile Flooring

Glossy RedCredit: From

Still, if you're determined to find a floor that looks absolutely nothing like wood, there are plenty of other laminate floors for you to choose from. This glossy red tile flooring comes from another German company called Falquon, and the vivid red design is great if you're re-flooring your child's bedroom or playroom. Glossy tiles might seem like a different type of flooring altogether, but just because it doesn't look like wood doesn't mean it's not laminate.

Zaha Hadid Crystal Floor

Zaha HadidCredit: From

And if you want to go really bonkers, there's this one. Zaha Hadid is an award-winning architect whose Wikipedia page suggests that she's fond of using "fragmented geometry to evoke the chaos of modern life". That's certainly reflected in this dazzling floor from Parador (yet another German company - what is it about that country?), but it's worth remembering that chaos can sometimes be a lot of fun, and Hadid's snazzy flooring design is a whole lot more interesting than your standard wood-style laminates.

So why lust after solid wood flooring when you could have something truly original? Laminate flooring is easy to install, difficult to damage, and these exquisitely unusual designs will hopefully have shown you that laminate flooring is capable of much more than just imitating wood.