Fizzing Alka Seltzer

Alka Seltzer is just another upset stomach remedy, isn't it? Wrong.

Alka Seltzer can offer a settling yet fizzy solution to an upset stomach. However, there are many more uses for this versatile, traditional product. Alka Seltzer is powerful enough to clean many items around the home and the bonus is that it is also environmentally friendly.

Net Curtains.

Fancy net curtains may not be as fashionable these days, as they used to be, but many homes still have them hung at one or two windows. Net or lace curtains can be an absolute pain to get clean, can't they?

Try soaking the curtains in a cold water, solution of fizzing Alka Seltzer, before washing them in a warm, soapy solution. Fold the curtains and lay them in the cold solution in a bowl, or the bath if the curtains are long. Simply pat them occasionally and watch in horror at the dirt that floats from your curtains.

White Cotton

Cotton goods, such as tea towels, can be restored by soaking in Alka Seltzer before washing. The white will be lovely and bright not yellow and dingy. Again use cold water and rinse well after soaking.

Coffee and Tea Pots.

If you make your tea or coffee in an appropriate pot, it will no doubt get stained over time. A couple of Alka Seltzer tablets, or spoons of the powder, will soon have these pots looking brand new. The same applies to coffee mugs and tea cups. Remember to rinse well after cleaning though. If you do not your fresh pot of coffee or tea will taste dreadful.

Toilet Bowls. Use to clean the loo

Yes, believe it or not Alka Seltzer can clean even the dirtiest toilet bowl. As Alka Seltzer is made up of that traditional cleaning agent, baking soda, and citric acid, it is powerful stuff but much less harmful than modern cleaning products. Try adding white vinegar also if the bowl is really dirty.

Flower vases.

Often flower vases are hard to get thoroughly clean. They can have a slimy mess, left at the bottom, just out of reach. Try dissolving Alka Seltzer in water, and leaving the solution to soak for at least a few hours in the vase. The vase should clean very easily once rinsed.

Removing burnt food from cookware.

Fill the pots and pans with warm water. Dissolve up to five Alka Seltzer tablets in this water and allow to soak for an hour or so.

Glass thermos flasks.

These can be easily cleaned with a couple of Alka Seltzers left to soak in water for a couple of hours. Again you must rinse well or else the taste of any drinks stored in the flask may be tainted.

Unblocking a drain.

Try Alka Seltzer to clear a drain, before buying one of the products that are expensive and full of harmful chemicals. Usually Alka Seltzer can clean a drain and will often unblock one that is not terribly blocked. Repeat, if the results are not perfect first time, and try adding some vinegar. After using the alka seltzer pour boiling water down the drain.


Take care and make sure that you do not damage your goods. For example, some items will not withstand boiling water so adjust the advice here accordingly. Also make sure that you thoroughly rinse items after cleaning with Alka Seltzer. Ideally clean them with warm soapy water afterwards and rinse again. On the whole though Alka Seltzer is cheaper and safer than most proprietary cleaning products, and is sometimes already in the home.