Roses, Chocolate and lingerie are the most popular products people shop and gift every valentine. Make a difference, these gifts might be your special-someone’s favourite ad they will be most expected as well. These would hardly surprise your girlfriend wife or partner.

Here are some of the most unique gifts that would sure surprise your valentine, guaranteed (wink).
Here is the list of the most unusual and most surprising gift ideas for this valentine.

hand hugger

1. Two Handed Hand Huggers

  This is the ideal gift that says ‘I cannot stay away from you……, even for a minute’. The Smitten Mittens are fleece gloves for two. You can walk hand in hand with these on, this Valentine night or for that matter any night. Walking together on a cold Valentine’s Day night feeling the snow in your hair the only thing you were missing is your lover’s touch. Here comes the Hand Hugger to your help. Now you can resume your outdoor stroll holding hands.

heart shaped jacuzzi

2. Hearth Shaped Jacuzzi

This might not be the first time you are seeing a heart shaped Jacuzzi tub, but this is certainly the first time someone has suggested you a Heart shaped Jacuzzi tuba as a Valentine’s Day Gift.A perfect nest for two love-birds.

heart shaped kitchen sink

3. The Heart Shaped Kitchen Sink

The proverbial way to a man’s heart (his stomach) has a counterpart in women. Just as men like good food in kitchen women prefer some aesthetics. Give your kitchen the romantic edge , install a heart shaped Kitchen Sink and surprise your wife.

Doubtful? Just imagine two pairs of hands under flowing water with a stainless steel heart in the backdrop. Quite Romantic and you bet your wife won’t help smiling every time she as much as looks at it. What can be more beautiful than your sweetheart’s smile…nothing.

2 person tsihrt

4. Two Person T-Shirt

The tag line says “Twice the Fun, Half the fun is getting in it, the other half is up to you.” This is sure not an understatement. The Two Person T-shirt can prove to be an adventure. However the adventure depends on your relationship and intimacy level because you are going to be trapped in it with the other person. And if you are not close this might literally be a ‘trap’. However, if you are truly close your Valentine would love it.

Caution: Getting out of it is a lot more difficult than getting in it.

glowing roses

5. Glowing Roses

These are handmade paper roses treated chemically to glow at night. In light they are white and when you turn off the lights, they start glowing with a faint pleasant light. You need not be afraid about the chemical; it is safe and not toxic. Another digital version has LEDs in them that need to be turned on. They might cost a little too much compare to the natural roses, but that is worth the ‘glow’ it would bring on your Valentine's face.

heART car

6. The Heart Car

Designed and developed by Asylum, the Danacol Heart Car is the ultimate ride-of-the-day or Valentine’s day. That smile on your girlfriend’s face won’t last all day. This twin seater-car is perfect for couples. If not buying, you can consider renting it to surprise your girlfriend and making this day memorable for her.


7. Fundies - Two Person Underwear

  If the Two Person T-shirt was not enough here is a naughtier gift. The Fundies, come from the same manufacturer and has the same tag line “Twice the fun….” Add some spice to the Valentine’s Day Eve.


8. TwoDaLoo - Two Person Toilet

 Guess what is the tag line of this product? “The couple that excretes together, stays together”. If you are comfortable to poop with your loved one, your bond is definitely unbreakable. Take you levels of intimacy to the dirtiest, pass the Shit test and reign over this porcelain throne for both king and queen.

This might not be a romantic idea and it would be more of a shock to your sweetheart than a surprise. However it would definitely be a one-of-a-kind idea. Pick something unique, something stupid, something ridiculous, even though your girlfriend won’t love it, she would remember it. Chocolates, Roses, Hearts and Lingerie should be complimentary.

Happy Valentine's Day!