Traditionally, wedding cake toppers were miniature figurines of the bride and groom placed on the top tier of the wedding cake, but in more recent times we have seen a great variation in the different types of items now used to top the cake. Many people now opt for a decorative piece instead, usually one that is coordinated with the wedding centerpieces. There are many different types available and for anyone who wants their wedding cake to be unique there are a whole range of different choices now available.

Another trend that has somewhat replaced the traditional stance of the bride and groom atop the cake is to have the same figurines in different poses, meant to represent the personality of the couple. This can be anything from the figures posed in an embrace to figurines dancing or posed on a motorbike or placed with another symbolic piece that represents the interests of the couple.

Most couple will choose their own and ask their baker to design something that will match their choice. With so much to choose from this can easily be done to create a truly unique cake for the couple. If this is what you are doing remember to inform your baker of your chosen piece well in advance.

Other common types of cake toppers seen today include the couples initials, love hearts, abstract figures, engraved glass pieces and many more, below we will take a look at some of the more unique types of wedding cake toppers. 

His and Hers Motorbike
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Wedding Cake Toppers

There are a huge choice of toppers now available for your wedding cake, below is a list of some of the most common styles of cake toppers:

  • Monogram - these are increasingly popular lately and are a very elegant style of cake topper.
  • Humorous - posed figurines are the most common types of humorous cake toppers and Ball and Chain Cake Topperone of the most popular types are of the groom climbing up the side of the cake or sitting to the side fishing while the bride stands with arms crossed. Another newer style is of the couple back to back atop the cake, posed as spies with guns in hand, picture Mr and Mrs Smith style cake toppers.
  • Traditional
  • Symbolic
  • Character - Disney figures are very popular choices
  • Military Figurines
  • Harley and Motorbike wedding cake toppers
  • Floral
  • Religious

There are many more styles available that cover all different tastes and interests from specific hobby style such as golf themes (couple in a golf cart) to fishing rods and more. 

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Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

The range of different types of cake toppers especially designed for wedding cakes is growing, many couples want a unique style of cake or a cake that coordinates with other parts of the ceremony, this could be anything from the wedding flowers to the brides dress or the table centerpieces at the meal.

Bride and Groom

Like anything else, the toppers chosen for a couples wedding cake have gone through many different trends one of which is Disney, there have been many disney themed figurines displayed on wedding cakes with popular choices being "beauty and the beast" and "cinderella".

You can find many unique styles of toppers in stores and online below are some images gathered from the net that show some of the most common and most unusual styles of cake toppers for weddings.

This cheeky one is popular and discreetly funny, great for a couple with a sense of humor.


Pictured Bride and Groom

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His and Her's Spy Ornament

Another hugely popular choice is this Mr and Mrs Smith style decoration which is sure to attract plenty of attention on the big day. This is a fun choice that will certainly have all the guests talking on the big day!

Spy topper
Super Sexy Spy" Wedding Bride and Groom Cake Topper Figurine
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Other Popular Designs

There really is no limit to the choices available for the top of your cake, more recently lovebirds have become popular as well as a pair of penguins and even parakeets! Glass designs remain popular too as does sliver and gold.

The one you choose will depend vary much on your personal tastes, if you are getting a custom cake made then you can supply the topper of your choice to the baker. It's best to do this in advance to give them the opportunity to match the overall design to your chosen piece.

Floral displays such as the one below are another unique choice and add a touch of elegance to the highest tier. This is a great way to co-ordinate everything together, you can choose one to match the table centerpieces and other floral arrangements you have picked for the reception.

floral cake topper
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Choosing the Perfect Top for You

Most couples feel that their cake design should represent their personalities and it's a great way to express not only your love on your special day but to have a bit of fun and be creative. Shop around for something that appeals to you, after all this is not an every year event!

Another consideration when looking at different toppers is the weight of the piece in comparison to your cake, make sure it won't be too heavy (for example, silver or glass will weight more than plastic) and that it will fit on the highest tier. You can get the information you need from your baker and they can usually give you a good idea of the appropriate size you should look for.