Opening Wedding Frame

Unusual wedding gifts to stand out:

If you have a close friend or relative getting married in the near future, you may want to get them a gift that will help you stand out a little from the crowd. Perhaps you just appreciate getting creative gifts and like to return the favor. Or maybe, you're just tired of getting the same wedding presents over and over and you need a way to let your creativity show. Whatever the reason, there a number of unique and unusual wedding gift ideas that are sure to be memorable for anyone who receives them.

Ideas for creative wedding gifts:

But the question becomes what makes a wedding gift unusual? Is it a humorous gift, or an inside joke that only you and the bride and groom would find funny. Is it a thoughtful gift that you know is something the newlyweds always needed or wanted like something used for a hobby the couple shares. Or, is it something personal that the bride and groom will treasure forever like a family heirloom? Whatever the case may be, here are a few of the most unusual wedding gifts you can give:

Duct Tape BookHumorous wedding gifts:

The Jumbo Duct Tape Book - They say duct tape can fix anything. Getting a gag gift like a book about duct tape is a great way to be remembered for years to come. Oddly enough the book will likely find it's way on to the coffee table and be a constant conversation starter. Add a little note in the cover saying "Duct tape can hold anything together!"

Thoughtful wedding gift ideas:

Charity donation: If philanthropy is something you know the happy couple values consider matching a cash gift with a donation to a charity you know they support. Perhaps sponsor a child in their name, and let them receive the letters of joy from the child.

Practical wedding gifts:

Consider purchasing lawn care or landscaping for the newlywed for the year. It may seem dull or too practical, but it will certainly be appreciated and remembered every week of the year.

Personal wedding gifts:

If you would like to give something personal and from the heart perhaps you could make a "family" cookbook with all of the most enjoyed recipes from all of the members of the family.

Unconventional wedding gift ideas:

A new trend in the wedding registry industry is creating "funds" for guests to contribute to for the honeymoon, or even the purchase of a new home. If one has not already been set up, get involvement from a few guests and create a fund of your own.