We rented the DVD, UP, from our local Blockbusters. There may be no children in our house but that does not mean that cartoons, and the like, are off the viewing menu. In fact, these days, there are so many great child orientated films, which are suitable for adult viewing also. Wanting an entertaining, humorous experience Hubby and I thought that UP might fit the bill.

DVD-UpUp is a Disney-Pixar film, which was released in 2009.

This animated film benefits from all the modern animation advances, such entertainment has seen in recent years. However, the plot's message is timeless.

Ed Asner is the voice of elderly gentleman Carl Frederickson. The film starts with Carl as a young enthusiastic boy. He hopes to live a life full of adventure. When he meets the girl of his dreams, the two share this enthusiasm. The couple are unable to have children but other than that, they share a happy existence.

Carl and Ellie continue to share a long, happy life until Ellie passes away. Of course, the trials and tribulations of every day life have, over the years, taken their toll on their adventures. Their final dream of moving to Paradise Falls remains unfulfilled.

A sad Carl continues to live in the home which he and Ellie shared. The world around him is changing though, and unexpected occurrences mean that Carl decides to finally move away.

For Carl his adventures are behind him, or are they?

A chance meeting with a rather rotund, enthusiastic Boy Scout called Russell means that Carl has an unexpected companion for his last great adventure. This will be the adventure that Carl has been waiting all his life to fulfil.

Russell and CarlUP has all the necessary ingredients for great all round family entertainment.

The characters are endearing and amusing. Ed Asner as Carl, Christopher Plummer as Charles Muntz, Jordan Nagai as Russell the Boy Scout and Bob Peterson as Dug are the main characters and voices. Of course, there are more though.

The musical score, quite rightly received two Oscar nominations and successfully won Michael Giacchino an Oscar in the Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Score, category 2010.

UP has plenty of funny moments but it also has its poignant and exciting parts. Carl and Russell bond as only the very young and very old can, discovering that they have more in common than one would imagine.

UP is available on DVD and Blue Ray and is classified as a U. This means that it is suitable for all ages. With a running time of just 98 minutes UP is not a long film but despite that it is memorable.

Did I enjoy UP? I loved it.

UP is recommended as good, all round, family entertainment.