Your Musical Update

Music basically makes the world go round and, every year new artists are introduced to the media. Some fail and some rise above and become successors of already well established artists. This year is a new year of opportunities and the battles have already begun to see who will rise to the top and there are a few that are  in the lead. 



This talented Brit who was discovered on the social networking site MySpace is definitely one to pay attention to. With hit singles like Chasing Pavements(2008), Hometown Glory(2009), and Rolling In The Deep(2010) Adele is on her way to chart topping success. She has already received 2 Grammy Awards, Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. Adele is on a role and definitely nothing short of fantastic. 


Wiz Khalifa

We may never be able to get the hook of his hit song Black and Yellow out of our heads, but it isn't a problem. Wiz Khalifa continues to make hit songs like I Roll Up which could be considered the song of summer. This rapper/singer plans to make it to the top and he's off to a good start.


Bruno Mars

Although most of us hadn't heard of him until his collaborations with B.o.B on the hit song Nothin On You and Travie McCoy in Billionaire, Bruno Mars is doing just fine as a solo artist. His hit single like Just the Way You Are proves that Bruno Mars is ready to show us what he's got.


Nicki Minaj

This hip hop queen is on the rise to fame. She has collaborated with some of the most successful singers in the music industry and, manages to obtain a successful solo career. She is the first female MC since 2002 to be No.1 on Billboards Hot Rap Songs. Her album Pink Friday has already been certified platinum. Minaj is not about let anybody or anything get in her way.



Tik Tok debuted at No.1 in numerous countries in 2009 and, Kesha has been bringing down the house ever since. Her electro sound and creative image are what make her unique. Kesha has had numerous chart toppers and I'm sure she has even more on the way.


Justin Bieber

This kid has achieved so much in what little time he has been living. Justin Beiber was the kid just a few years ago that had a couple of videos on YouTube and became one of the biggest internet sensations. At only the mere age of 17 Justin Bieber has reached great heights. He is so talented that two successful artists fought over him. Justin has so many hit singles, he has a movie, and his songs continue to impress. Justin Bieber has created a mark in history becoming the first artist ever to have seven songs from a début album on Billboard Hot 100. Whether you have Bieber fever or not, you can truly say that Justin Beiber is one of the hottest artists of his generation.