With the latest generation of consoles and HD televisions with surround-sound sets, ambi- and LED-light and everything else a lot has changed for gamers as well. At first when graphics were improving games became shorter and the gameplay repetitive or just not as innovative as before. Luckily for us it seems like the gaming industry came to understand that this was not the way to go and started paying attention to the quality of the gameplay and game length again. Especially in role-playing games the visuals contribute largely to the overall feel of the fantasy worlds they set place in. In this article we will cover the most anticipated upcoming rpg’s for the Playstation 3.

 Mass Effect 3

 mass Effect 3(63702)This is the last title in the trilogy created by Bioware. The reaper onslaught needs to be stopped and this can only be done by a mass attack to the earth. This episode promises to be a great climax of the series. The developers aimed for faster combat, more customization options without spending hours on numerical details, they tuned up the difficulty and better enemy AI. If you’ve played Mass Effect 2 you will be able to transfer your save file and continue your journey in this new game. Decisions you’ve made in part 2 will affect your game this way! Unfortunately the game has been delayed until 2012 to “exceed everyone’s expectations.”


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim(63707)Elder scrolls V, as of now, will be launched at 11 November, 2011. The developers thought it’s predecessor (Oblivion) too unrealistic and with Skyrim they tried to bring back a somewhat more realistic game. Discovering new places will also be more exciting in Skyrim, the team focused on creating unique locations and cities to make the adventure aspect stand out from the previous games. NPC’s will play a great role in this episode. Radiant AI will make the characters live like real persons. They will complete tasks during the day like working as a blacksmith or prepare dinner  and do the laundry. This will make the game feel like a real world. A great upcoming rpg to follow!


 Final Fantasy Versus XIII

 Final Fantasy Versus XIIIThe newest upcoming Final Fantasy game will probably be released somewhere in 2012. The game will have elements from Kingdom of Hearts but will share most of the combat system with the latest titles in the series. The game is build specifically for ps3 making use of the great storage capacity of the blu-ray discs. The game will alternate between linear/scripted areas which help the story  and open world parts  to give a sense of freedom. Various types of magic, huge battle blades and weird guns will offcourse be present in this promising new Final Fantasy game.


Dark Souls

 After Demon’s Souls it is now time for From Dark SoulsSoftware to proof themselves once again with the upcoming highly anticipated Dark Souls. Where Demon’s Souls was good for 30+ hours of solid gameplay Demon’s Souls is said to be 60+ and more than 100 types of enemies. If you think Demon’s Souls was a hard game think again. The developers wanted to create an even bigger challenge and made Dark Souls more difficult! The game will have an online mode and will have lots of new classes, items and creatures. Online people will be able to join parties in which they can explore the worlds of fantasy and grow their characters together. Dark Souls is likely to be released in October 2011.


These are the four most anticipated upcoming rpg's in my opinion!