Many people know that replacing outdated kitchen hardware can give their kitchen cabinets a brand new look on a budget. However, many people do not realize that you can get that the same benefit for much less with spray paint. With a little work, you can get a brand new metallic finish for your hardware and that can save you big. Here is the best way to spray paint your kitchen hardware and make the new look last.

Remove Them

To get started, take out your screwdriver and start removing the hardware from your kitchen cabinets. Place the loose screws back in each piece of hardware. This will keep them together, but it will also serve a purpose for later.

Clean with TSP

Old hardware will inevitably have a great deal of grease and dirt build up on them that will prevent your spray paint from sticking to it. The best way to remove this grime is with a product called TSP. Start by soaking the hardware in the product for 5-10 minutes, then clean them with a toothbrush while wearing rubber gloves to protect your hands. Once all the dirt has been removed from your kitchen hardware, rinse them off with water and dry them completely.

Lightly Sand

Next you need to rough up your hardware with 180-grit sandpaper. By sanding each piece of your kitchen hardware, you are creating a better surface for you spray paint to stick to. Remember, the better your spray paint sticks the less likely it is to chip under the heavy wear and tear it will receive. So avoid the temptation to skip this step.

Secure to Styrofoam

Once the hardware has been sanded, it is time to put those screws that you left in your hardware to good use. Place your hardware, screw side down into the styrofoam. This way, you will be able to coat all sides of the hardware with out needing to move or touch them. This is especially important when dealing with spray paint as imperfections happen easier when handling.

Spray Primer

Now that your hardware is securely in place it is time to get out the primer. Make sure that the spray primer you have is designed to be used on metal. This primer will help the paint to adhere even better to the hardware which will also prevent chipping. So start spraying your primer in a sweeping motion over the hardware. Keep the coats like to prevent dripping and let the coats dry before applying the next. Once the last coat of primer has dried, it is time for the paint.

Add Metallic Spray Paint

For a truly updated look for your kitchen hardware, using a metallic spray paint is the only way to go. With colors like pewter, copper, brushed nickle and oil rubbed bronze, you will be able to find a color to match your kitchen. All you need to do to apply this paint is to spray over all of the hardware in a long sweeping motion. Make sure you are applying light coats to dripping. After the first light coat, let it dry and do another. Keep going like this until all of the hardware has a smooth and even finish.

After the paint has dried, replace your hardware and start enjoying the complements you are sure to receive. No one needs to know that your brand new hardware is only an illusion and that you saved a great deal of money. Now you can spend that money somewhere else in your home to keep the updates going.