Its springtime, which means your office probably, needs a clean of some kind since you last did this nearly a year ago. A lot of dust and old paperwork will have probably accumulated in that time and there are other things in your office that might have suffered some real wear and tear. Below are some suggestions for how you can update your office for a spring cleaning this year and how you can make the whole work environment feel entirely new.

Throw out old Paperwork

Receipts and any pieces of old paperwork should immediately go in the trash or recycling. This includes all types of things, like books, manuals, pieces of mail or old bills that may have piled up over the past year. Flush as much of this out for your spring clean as possible so you can start afresh.

Add New Lamps

Those overhead lights or old lamps in your office should be stored somewhere or sold and you should get something entirely new to light your new year of work. Head to the store and buy a couple cool new lamps that light your office in a unique and creative way. Things that create original types of light in a work environment often help to be inspirational when it comes down to actually working and being productive in your office.

Find a New Chair

What you sit in while you work is one of the most important parts of your work environment. The more comfortable your seat is, the better you can work in theory. Since you often spend most of your day sitting in a chair working at your desk, the comfort and quality of this office chair is critical for both the work you produce and the health of your back and posture a whole.

Add some Plants

Put a few plants in your office that will liven up the color and smell in the room itself. There are a number of fantastic indoor plants that only need a small amount of light and watering per day, allowing the freshness and greenery to be present in your office without you having much of a green thumb at all. These plants can come in all shapes and sizes. If you want to spend a bit more time on plants in the office, consider a bonsai tree, giving the work space a more spiritual feel in general.

Get Rid of Cords

If you can find a way to get rid of cords in the office, that would be a great way to liven it up and make it feel new. Find some storage ways to hide cords, be it behind pieces of furniture or in baskets meant to bundle these electrical cords off the floor. This will make the entire office feel more put together a whole.