Outdated light fixtures will quickly bring down the look of any room no matter how updated it is elsewhere. Too many homeowners live with ugly, outdated light fixtures because they do not want to endure the cost of purchasing new ones. Little do they know that with just a little bit of metallic spray paint, they can completely date their existing light fixtures.


When it comes to spray paint, indoors is almost never a good idea. So, go ahead and remove the lighting fixture from the wall or ceiling. First, turn off power to the light to reduce the risk of accidental electrocution. Unscrew any screw holding the lighting in place then carefully detach the wiring. It is always helpful when doing this to have an extra set of hands around to hold the light fixture while you handle the wiring. You do not want to accidentally drop the fixture and have to purchase a new one anyway.


Take the light fixture outside and start taping any part of the light fixture you do not want to paint. Spray paint has an strange way of getting on anything you do not want it on. So take the time to cover the wires and glass before continuing.


Sanding down a lighting fixture is essential with spray paint. Paint has a hard time bonding with metal, which is what most light fixtures are made out of. So, you need to give the spray paint something to grip to by lightly scuffing up the surface of the fixture with 180-grit sandpaper. Just make sure to remove any particles left over from sanding before you continue so they do not get into the paint job.


Another key step to getting the paint to properly grip your light fixture is to apply a spray primer. Primer is the glue that will bond the spray paint to the metal and help prevent chipping in the future. Simply apply one or two light coats of primer, letting the coats dry completely before starting another.


After your last coat of primer has dried, you can then apply your paint. Make sure you paint is designed for the material your light fixture is made of before you apply it. Then you can apply several light coats of spray paint in a sweeping motion. Allow each coat to dry and then apply the next coat. You will know you are finished when you have an even coat. Once the paint has had time to dry completely, all you have to do is remove any tape, rehang it and enjoy.

There is no need to go to and spend $30 or more per light to replace your fixtures. Just get a little messy and you can have attractive, new-looking lighting throughout your entire home. Now all you have to do is decide on a color for your lighting.