There have been some new developments in the rear screen projection TV issues with the Sony WEGA television. Up until now Sony's stance has been to remove dissidents from their website, to avoid the issue of using a rebuilt, defective component for replacement repairs of the TV optical block and blue blob issue, of focusing on warranty expiration dates and of offering well defined and limited compensation. But now some encouraging progress seems to be happening for owners of these TVs.

If you want to replace your defective optical block or your television, you can always accept Sony's basic offer of replacing the defective part with a rebuilt replacement part keeping aware that the new part has not been re-engineered and will likely have a short life before failing again. Or you can take their offer of buying a discounted new television set that may or may not be cheaper than you can purchase it elsewhere.

However, new developments show that Sony may be more willing to consider more flexible alternatives now that the numbers of angry owners of these defective rear projection television sets with blue blob issues are growing. The fact that different settlement alternatives have been reached with some unhappy purchasers means you can now consider bargaining for what you might consider a more reasonable compensation. You might not want to accept Sony's initial offer.

Many unhappy customers who paid high prices for their rear projection screen television tried voicing their concerns on the Sony site but found themselves banished. Still, there are a number of websites that are offering information and discussions for people who own the defective television sets. You can join a Facebook site called 'I have a defective Sony TV' to keep up with all the latest developments and get informed on all the details you should know if you own a Sony Wega TV and are experiencing optical block and blue blob (or yellow or green blob) problems. The site is growing fast with hundreds of members having joined in the first month alone.

More and more people are taking the first steps to file a small claims suit. Now that the small claims judgment granted to Steve Linke has actually been paid, a precedent has been set and you don't need to worry about whether or not a court case can be won and whether or not a check will actually be paid. A good reason that many people will not pursue a small claims case is fear that the case will be drawn out for a long time in appeals or that settlements will not be honored or will be delayed. The quick settlement of this recent optical block case makes it hopeful that people who want compensation sufficient for them to buy a new television – model and brand of their own choice – to replace their failing, defective Wega TVs may actually achieve what they want.

You can find information on how to start your own small claims suit for the blue blob optical block issue from links on the Facebook site. Other sites where you can find information are the Sony forum on CNET and the Consumer Affairs site. Some people have even encouraged their U. S. senators to take action.

The new developments of a successful small claims settlement, the convenient information access of the Facebook page and the fact that more and varied settlements are being offered and accepted directly from Sony offer encouraging news in the Sony rear projection television optical block and blue blob issue. If you have a rear projection TV from Sony that is deteriorating due to the defective optical block, look into ALL your options before deciding what to do.