Samsung PX2370 Monitor

Samsung Monitor

Your Computer Work has Never Looked So Good

Samsung is on the cutting edge of monitors. With their new PX2370 monitor’s they combine Liquid crystal display and light emitting diode. This sleek monitor comes in a black finish and is 23 inches large. This monitor has rich colors with 100% sRGB color, Led backlit for ultra-thin profile and breakthrough picture quality. The new magic technology makes this monitor cutting edge. With this monitor connected to your computer you will be able to see every color in perfect quality and with its slim profile, there is no monitor that compares to the PX2370. They come in at around $339.99 brand new. Included in this price is a 90 day warranty. Some stores that sell this wonderful are Fry’s electronics, Wal-Mart, circuit city and CompUSA. Samsung has hit a home run with this monitor, which combines sleek profile with outstanding performance

Monitor Technology Has Changed

Computers are in almost every household. Majority computers have monitors but their monitors don’t compare to this one. The Samsung PX2370 is new 23 inch screen technology is incredible.  The led backing helps the monitor’s keep size down to a slim 16.5 millimeters. The entire monitor with the stand on, only weights 9 pounds. Also unlike other monitors, this monitor is halogen, lead free, recyclable and consumes 40% less power making this one of the most eco friendly monitors to date. Also it saves more energy with Magic Eco, which lets you adjust the brightness level from 100 percent to 75 or 50 percent in the blink of an eye. This monitor uses up to 40% less power. Plus there’s a new power off feature automatically shuts off the monitor when you’re not using it, not only saving energy but also prolonging the monitor life. This monitor is cutting edge, all the new feature makes this monitor untouchable by competitors. If you don’t buy this monitor you will regret it and if you come across someone in a videogame with this monitor you will have no chance. Why have to deal with a fat, heavy monitor that wastes energy when Samsung is creating this monitor to save energy and your money?

Improved Color Replication

Monitors started with black and white picture. Why should you be left in the dark now? Samsung can reproduce 100% sRGB colors. This means if you recorded a sports event with an HD camera in full 1080p quality, the monitor would be able to make it look like it was happening on your screen. Its displays picture in 1920 x 1080, which is the highest resolution to date. The PX2370 can even be used with apple computers. These monitors come with a special feature called Magic Lux. Magic Lux has four settings which automatically adjust the screen’s brightness based on the ambient light. An intensity sensor detects the brightness around the monitor and adjusts levels automatically, helping to reduce eyestrain. With this clarity the monitor won’t have any trouble with gaming. Everyone sits in front of a monitor, why not make it enjoyable to watch and not induce headaches?

Perfect for Gaming

Computer gaming has become very popular now. Everyone is competing to get an edge in the game. Samsung delivers this monitor to help any gamer. This monitor has a dynamic color ratio of 5 million to 1 or 1 thousand to 1 typical contrast ratio. This contrast ratio combined with a 2 millisecond response time makes this monitor super fast and have incredible vivid colors. The PX2370 supports 16.7 million colors. Also included is the new Magic Angle technology. Magic Angle technology makes images appear sharp and brilliant even when you're not right in front of the screen. From the front of the screen, you have a 170 degree viewing angle which is perfect for everyday use. Another new technology is Magic Bright 3 which offers 3 preset modes: text, internet or entertainment so you can get the optimum level of brightness, contrast and gamma correction without even trying. The last new feature is Magic Return which’s automatically moves content from both monitors to one monitor so if you turn off or lose connection from your second monitor you still have it. With all these great features this monitor should be a buy for any computer user. Gamers need an edge and this is it. So if you’re a gamer I strongly suggest this monitor.

A Worthy Investment 

Why not invest in a monitor that with last will into the future? The PX2370 is an incredible monitor for any computer user. They even made it compatible with apple computers. Many places have it on sale so instead of $400 you can get it for $200. They come with a 90 day warranty too. Samsung has been around for 70 years so you know they make good stuff. They lead the global market in high tech electronics manufacturing and digital media. The monitor has an ultra-thin profile and is eco-friendly. It can produce 100% of sRGB colors. Also it has amazing picture quality at 5 million to 1 contrast ratio. 2 millisecond display lag is incredibly fast. This monitor is so fast a blink is slower than the response time. With all the new Samsung magic technology this monitor is as modern as it gets. I mean it thinks for its self pretty much with the new magic lux technology. It changes brightness on its own, it isn’t bad for the environment and it is excellent for gaming uses. The entire magic tech loaded in this monitor makes it incomparable with other monitors. Unless you love to see your screen in terrible color or have the monitor lag behind your actions then don’t buy this monitor but if you want to be able to see what’s happening this is for you. No other monitor can compare to the Samsung PX2370. In all make a trip down to your local retailer and buy this right now. Why not buy this right now and use it well into the future?