After a break up, you are going to want newness in your life. So, why don't you be in the driver's seat instead, accept the change and get some money together. The idea behind getting a new wardrobe is a feeling of independence and freedom to make your own choices; maybe your girlfriend helped you buy clothes and dressed you. Independently, going out there and amassing information from window shopping or looking at what celebrity wore and feel what your style might be. Being alone, window shopping and seeing what grabs your attention is like reconnaissance, bringing back vital information and acting on what you saw. You want your side, like in war, to win and the objective here is to wear the clothes that tell others what you are about and who you are and for you what you want to be (

There is a common saying out there, "If you look good, you will feel good and if you feel good you will do well." I don't want you just to do well; I want you to do better! The idea here is to feel something and that is Success! After a break up most tend to dwell and blame and slop around the house or at work looking miserable. Success is gratifying and I don't care who she was, you can get that feeling of being the man back again but without her but through your goals and activities and that one activity is shopping. Shopping is another land to conquer and a notch on your belt, but please, just don't go there and buy any new thing. I understand that you might not be comfortable shopping on your own and please don't bring a friend or girl. Go on your own and talk to the person who works there, preferably a good looking girl.

In a good wardrobe you must dress for the occasion take for instance, your casual look; blazer and dress shoes for drinks; work clothes; gym clothes; and last but not least, snuggle sweaters and rugged guy boots. The five categories with at least three sets each will help you looking good but afterwards when you get confident, try mixing them up and you will see your personality and style shine through without the cloud of the ex and find people will naturally flow towards you.

There you are off with a start, listen to the attractive sales woman and be polite. After a few trips to the store you will feel different and like I said, independent and free.