Upholstered Bed

What is an upholstered bed ?

An upholstered bed is any bed frame that doesn't show the metal or wooden frame. Even if the bed is made from metal or wood, it's upholstered with different kinds of fabrics ( ranging from vinyl, cotton, leather, virtually anything ).

Upholstered beds are very searched because they offer you a sense of luxury when you are in the bedroom and they can be easly matched with the furniture that is inside the room and with the overall decor. Getting a custom one that would match even with the wall color would be a good approach.

Well, untill here, the process is simple, if you like a custom upholstered bed, get it.

But wait...

There's more, you have to think good before you get one because there are many options that you can have like the color of the bed, sheets, the material, etc. 

The size is another important factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the size of the upholstered platform bed. This should be included in the first steps because if you mistake the correct size of the place where you will place it, all the hard work of producing it will be in vain.

So there is no point in getting one that doesn't fit your needs. 

A short guide for when you are meansuring how big should the upholstered bed be, is to note that you need approximate 1/2 to 1 meter of space around the bed, if you don't do this, the bed will look too big in that room and you won't have space to walk around it.

A quick fix for all the hastle with the meansuring would be to take the existing bed dimensions and get one with the same dimensions if you like the old one or adjust them to fit your wish.

Even chosing the style of the upholstered bed frame can be a tricky task if you don't really know how the bed frame will look.

Many people overcomplicate things and think too much without application. You should go to different showrooms and observe the various styles of beds so you can form a picture in your head and later you will know exactly how your bed should look.

Upholstered beds are a great option if you want to get the best the best blend between style and usability.