Upholstered dining armchairs from Acme Furniture

Upholstered dining room arm chairs are a great addition to any dining set, and bring comfort and elegance to your dining room. Although upholstered chairs may seem pricey, it is quite possible to find these dining arm chairs for sale for quite reasonable prices on websites like amazon.com, especially if you purchase them as a set of dining chairs. Upholstered arm chairs can bring a touch of class to your home, and at a relatively bargain price. Here are some of the best upholstered dining arm chairs for sale according to amazon.com and other online retailers.

Upholstered dining arm chair reviews

Alpine Furniture: Dining arm chairs set of 2 with gray upholstered seat and back in a warm oak finish

Upholstered dining arm chairs from Alpine Furniture

This pair of dining chairs is finished in a warm oak color and made of wood with faux leather upholstery in gray on both the seat and the back. These dining armchairs embody a clean and contemporary look with a country style. The gray upholstery is nicely complemented by ornamented metal front legs. With their mix of styles, these chairs will look great in a house that has both traditional and contemporary elements. This pair of chairs retails on amazon.com for $500, a great price for a set of such elegant dining chairs.

Acme Furniture: Pair of dining chairs with patterned upholstered seats in a cherry finish

These wood chairs add a touch of traditional dining room elegance with patterned fabric upholstered seats. Other classic features include scroll end arms, a faux leather upholstered back in dark brown, ball and claw legs with carvings on the front legs, and intricate detailed carvings on the top of the seat back. These chairs are ideal for a classically decorated dining room, and are even more reasonably priced than the previous pair, at about $480 on amazon.com.

Set of two dining arm chairs with ivory upholstered seats in a cherry brown finish from Coaster

These elegant dining chairs come in a cherry brown and ivory finish, and are made of birch solids material and upholstered in ivory fabric with cabriole front legs. The chair backs are an oval lozenge shape and beautifully carved in a figure 8 cutout shape. With a warm, cherry brown veneer, these chairs have a traditional and refined look that goes well in any dining room. They are also priced at bargain levels on amazon.com at only around $430 for the pair.

These are just a few of the best upholstered dining armchairs for sale on amazon.com. There are many others that should suit just about any style and budget. Happy shopping!