I was in the process of uploading a new book and there were a few things that I wanted to improve on. There should always be something that you either want to do differently in order to achieve better results.

My last book went off really well and whilst you can never say directly what it is that makes one book more successful than other, you can always keep on testing.

Are you ready to upload your kindle eBook?

If this is your first book you are getting out there, thoughts may be going back and forth across your mind, “have I done everything?, should I get someone else to proof read?, just one more look?” Just upload it! You will probably find that there is nothing more you can do, but the beauty is that you can take it down at anytime and add something or take something out, so don’t worry about that!

So how do you upload a book to Kindle

This will become like second nature once you get into it, but it is basically like filling in any online form – it is just that easy. There are just a few techniques which will make your book stand out more amongst the competition and if you tweak a few things, your book could even become a bestseller.


Once you have filled in all of your details, you will have to fill in your banking details and then you just have to read through the terms of service. Now you can go ahead and add your book.

Click Add new title – from here it is quite straight forward. You will have to enter the name of your book, state whether it is part of a series and include the contributors. You will then choose categories for which you think your book would be best suited. You can always come back and change these, but take some time to think about this because it plays quite a big part.

You can enter 7 search keywords – I have found that this is also something that you need to concentrate on. Use descriptive keywords, which will tell the reader more about your book.

The Description

This part is very important, yet many authors neglect it and some authors don’t use it correctly, making the book appear like it is spam – it may be brilliant. You should use keywords, but don’t go overboard. The reader wants to get the general idea of what the book is about and why they should buy it. You may want to tell them about yourself because that can help a great deal – you may be the writer of a bestseller or you may be knowledgeable in some areas.

Many people, just scan through the description and they don’t want to read a lengthy description before they actually decide to buy the book. This may just put them off. If you have the proper credentials, then don't forget to add those in. This is very important.

So now all you have to do is upload your formated kindle files and your book cover and you are A for away!

What is the right price for your kindle book, for you the publisher?

Kindle publishers will know that testing and experimenting is key. Pricing your eBook is no different. You have to test the price of Kindle books to make sure that you are going to get the sales that your book deserves. However, you also want to look out for your readers. There are lots of things that come into the equation, and it will depend on the genre that you are writing about. 

how much?

It's not just what people can afford either. There is a lot about the psychology of pricing a book. People may see a $.99 book as something which may not give them all the information they are looking for.

They may not see the value in it and rather pick a higher priced book. You may think readers will go for the cheaper version and you will beat your competition. They may want to save their pennies and go for the more well know author.

Kindle book prices, which start at $2.99, will help you more financially in terms of profit per book. You will get 70% profit for a book priced at this rate, but something less than that will only bring you in 35% profit.

Some people may not be in favor of Kindle and the way you are forced to price because it means you can't just do what you want. Before everyone headed off to Amazon, most people marketed their eBooks on their websites and this was a great opportunity for extra revenue.

You could price one as high as $60 and you would get sales - no problem. However, you don't have the crowds like you do over at Amazon.

Price of kindle books - how to make money on Kindle

First of all you have to look at the competition. Go to your niche and have a look at the other books. Download a couple of these and have a look at the content. There will be different prices here, but you will come to an average price.

You also have to have a look at the page numbers - some will have more illustrations than others. This depends on what you are writing about. Now you will be able to find a price, based on the other books in the market. 

Be patient with this for some time (a couple of weeks) and then bring the price down or move it up. Don't do this too soon after you have uploaded the book because it is not going to be a good enough litmus test.

If your book has been doing really well for you at a certain price, then be careful at changing it to a higher price. Sometimes it affects bestsellers, but this is something for you to think about.


If you want to go one step further, you can think of including bonuses in your eBook, which you will write about in the description. This is how you will be able to bring the pricing up.

You could include links to interviews or other videos. If you are writing a book on fitness, then tell your audience you have a bonus YouTube channel where they can view the exercises. This will want make them want to buy the book that much more.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself what your goals are. People will be pricing a book for different reasons. If you are a new author, then you can't sell a book that is priced the same that of a famous celebrity.

If you can say you have done your best, whether it is a 1 dollar book or a 10 dollar book, then you should be smiling. Put all the effort that you can into each book, right from the start, and you will start to see customers coming back.

You can always push your prices up at a later date, but if you are heading into this as a new author, you have to get passed the competition. If you are writing a series of fiction books, maybe you want to set the first book in the series at a lower price - this will draw your readers in.