How Does Upper Neck Misalignment Cause Fibromyalgia?

Upper Cervical Care may be the answer for fibromyalgia sufferers. 

Fibromyalgia is one of the most commonly diagnosed musculoskeletal disorders in the U.S.  Unfortunately it is a very mismanaged condition.  It is generally diagnosed subjectively, based on various tender points, after all medical testing has come back negative.  Patients typically go to their primary, then their rheumatologist, then neurologist, and specialist after specialist to find answers.  Very often a myriad of pain killers and nervous system depressing drugs are given.  A few of these include lyrica, cymbalta, and neurotin.  When these don't fix the problem, the patient is sent to the psychiatrist and given antidrepressants because the pain and symptoms are deemed "all in your head". 

It is a vicious cycle of pain, no sleep, which causes no energy, not being able to work out because it causes too much pain, can't work out so can't lose weight, etc.  As tough as it is to the individual, it can be even more tough on the family dynamic.  The spouse, children, and relatives all are affected. 

This system that people with this condition are put in, and the label they wear on their sleeve many times leaves an individual lost and without hope.

So what is the alternative?

According to the the Mayo clinic, fibromyalgia is an overactive nerve disorder.  The nerves in the body are firing too much, causing a mix of muscular pain and organ system malfunction.  This typically includes chronic neck and back pain, tender spots in all the joints, depression, fatigue, IBS, numbness, dizziness, headaches, and sleeping disorders. 

All the nerves and the billions of nerve impulses that go to every organ, tissue and cell in the entire body come from the brain.  These nerves first exit the brain via the brain stem through the base of the skull, and are surrounded and protected by the top bone in the neck called the atlas vertebrae.  This top bone differs from all the other 23 bones in the spinal column in that it is the most freely movable, it doesn't have the interlocking joints that all the other vertebrae have, and it's a 2 oz bone that supports the weight of our 12-15 lb head.  It is the week link in the chain.  Through various falls, accidents, and injuries, this bone can become misaligned in relation to the skull and lower spine.  This puts stress on the upper spinal cord and brain stem and causes body imbalance. This stress can be the cause of the overactive nerves symptoms that fibromyalgia sufferers experience. 

How Would I Know Upper Neck Misalignment in Causing my Fibromyalgia Symptoms?

For fibromyalgia sufferers whose symptoms are caused by upper neck misalignment, there is typically a history of some type of trauma in the past.  It may be a car accident, fall, or injury.  The onset of symtpoms won't typically start at the time of the injury, but instead years down the road following an emotional stress, such as a death, divorce, or crisis. From then on it's a downward spiral of being milled through the medical system, taking numerous drugs for the pain that don't fix the problem and have detrimental side effects. 

Some people even have what's called a cervical decompression surgery, where the back of the first vertebrae and base of the skull are removed to relieve pressure on the upper spinal cord. The procedure is not only very invasive, but often leaves a patient in worse shape than when they started. 

Upper cervical care is a non-invasive, natural approach, with the only side-effect being restored health.  So instead of diving right into the drugs and surgery route, find a trained upper cervical doctor.  It might be the missing key to health you have been searching for. 


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