What Can You Expect From Waxing Professionally

First, you would have your upper lip cleaned, usually with rubbing alcohol, to prevent any possible infection.

Then either strips of wax applied on you, or sticky, warm waxing gel applied on your face. The wax from the strips, or the gel would be quickly ripped from your upper lip (against the hair growth) and all the hair attached to it will be uprooted.

Does it hurt? Yeah, it will. Hurt like no one’s business. But then again, the intense pain will only last for a while. And for the face, it’s just going to hurt more, since there are more nerve endings on your face than other parts of the body that are usually waxed, like the legs.

Get a Professional to Do the Waxing

Really, get to the closest beauty salon and ask them if they do waxing for upper lip. If you have no idea where to look, go online to see if there are any beauty salons, or hair removal services nearby you.

The last thing you should do is to get people who have no idea what to do, only to have you hurting and reeling in pain, while patches of hair still remains. And it will be ugly if they are not completely removed. So much for DIY.

Furthermore, the possibility of burning yourself with homemade wax is very high. The last thing you want is to have red welts appearing on your upper lip. That is going to ruin your day going to work, or school.

Waxing Strips

Of course, not everyone can afford to get a professional to wax their moustache every now and then. Using a wax strip is all right, although there are techniques in using those waxing strips; it’s not a matter of paste and pull.

And if you do not take the time to read through how to do a proper waxing, serve you right if you cry out in pain. Wax strips are less dangerous in that there is less chance of a nasty burn as compared to using a homemade wax.

Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal cream is another option in eliminating upper lip hair. Those can cause great irritation for those with sensitive skin; I’d be careful about applying it if I were you/ ome of the more popular creams are brands like Veet and Nair.

You’d want to apply  small portion instead of smearing it all over your face to see how your skin will react to hair removal prior to removing upper lip hair.

Now, for those of you who are squeamish about pain and hurting yourself while waxing your upper lips, there is always the option of going with professionals. I wouldn’t promise a painless experience, but it is going to be much less painful than waxing your moustache yourself.