What is Upromise?

Upromise is a free program designed to help you save money for college, run by Sallie Mae (a government entity). You can use Upromise to help save money for college, or you can just request a check for the money you have saved. The Upromise Web site states: Upromise was created to help families save for college and we strongly encourage members to use the money they’ve earned towards education expenses. However, members may choose to withdraw the money they’ve saved for other purposes if they wish.” 

How to Use Upromise

When you create a Upromise account they will try to ask you to sign up for a Upromise credit card, but you can ignore that solicitation. 

There are many ways to start saving money for college with Upromise. You can save money by using Upromise's grocery store e-coupons, by shopping online through the Upromise website and by using their Dining Rewards program.

Upromise Grocery Store E-Coupons

Upromise has grocery store e-coupons where if you buy the product, the coupon amount is deposited in your Upromise account. So you don't have to clip the coupons! Upromise e-coupons are similar to Saving Star e-coupons. To start using the e-coupons you will have to register all your store loyalty cards with Upromise. You can register your grocery store cards, along with your drugstore cards. Then, if you buy the item at any of the stores you registered, you will get the amount of the coupon deposited in your account. 

Save Money with Upromise Shopping Online

You can shop online through the Upromise website and earn cashback on your purchases deposited in your account. They have hundreds of online stores where you can earn between 1% and 30% cashback on your purchases. 

Upromise Dining Rewards

In order to earn Upromise Dining Rewards you need to register the credit cards you use at restaurants. Then find the list of restaurants in your area that participate in the program. Whenever you eat at one of those restaurants and pay with one of the credit cards you have registered, you will receive a percentage of your bill deposited in your account as cashback. I have had several credit cards registered for more than a year and I've never had any problems with security. 

Upromise has several great ways to save for college, and its free to use! Even if you don't have anyone to save for yet there is no reason to not start an account; it can help you save money every month.  The grocery store e-coupons, cashback shopping and Upromise Dining Rewards will add up to big savings over time.  

Head over here to sign up for Upromise today!