hearthsong upside down tomato planter

Why would you grow a tomato upside down with an upside down tomato planter? What advantages do these topsy turvy planters offer?

You can grow tomatoes, flowers and other vegetables in upside down tomato planters. The advantages of these upside down planters is that:

  • you don't need a garden space or even any floor space
  • you don't need to dig any holes
  • you don't need to bend down and do any back breaking work
  • it's cute, original and a great talking point
  • it's easier to move if your plant needs more sun
  • you have less problems with critters, insects and other hazards
  • you can avoid most of the soil borne pests and diseases
  • they have better air circulation
  • they are less susceptible to damage from ground frost and the cold
  • you usually don't have to change the soil as often
  • they're great if you live in arid, dry environments where the soil gets too dry
  • tomatoes are vine plants and if you were growing them in the ground, you would have to get bamboo or other types of sticks to hold them up
  • it makes a beautiful and interesting decoration for patios, windows, balconies, decks
  • as the container is covered, you usually don't need to add so much water (i.e. you are not losing moisture through drying out in the sun)
  • you're growing your own food: healthy AND cheap ~ you can't ask for more than that!

So they work remarkably well. Even the home made ones can be made to work for some delicious, home grown tomatoes!


  • Kids: it's a great present for kids as it teaches them how to look after and nuture something, how to take responsibility and care (without the hassle and much bigger responsibility of buying them a pet), provides great satisfaction, they understand cause and effect (if I water it, it will grow), and they understand the basic natural science of how plants grow
  • People who live in confined spaces without garden
  • People who want to eat healthier food
  • Those on a budget who want to save money
  • Those who care for the planet
  • Those who have decks, balconies etc which could do with some unusual decoration
  • Older folk who will find simple gardenining like this will give them tremendous spiritual benefits but don't involve back breaking weeding and digging
  • As a last minute birthday or christmas gift that will make a lasting impression and give joy, satisfaction for years to come


The answer is simply - yes, they work surprisingly well. Of course you have to manage your plant as you would manage any vegetable or flower. You need to cover your planter (if you buy a upside down tomato planter they will be covered already for you. If you don't cover your planter the roots may be damaged by prolonged or harsh light exposure. You need to place them in an area that gets sufficient sunlight and you need to water them regularly and look out for damage, insects or other problems. Personally I think the best tomatos to grow are cherry tomatoes as they are small but absolutely delicious!