If you are reading this then you are probably looking for more information on the urban compost tumbler. You have probably heard a little about them and are in need of some convincing. There has been so much talk of them making compost in super fast time that I wanted to take this opportunity to set the record straight.

Firstly they really can make compost in two weeks. Yes, it is true. The myths and dibious claims about this are because of one misconception.

You can't make compost in two weeks from the beginning of when you use the tumbler. This is the time it will take once the tumbler is mostly full. Now, this is still an incredibly short space of time. Most traditional methods will mean waiting three months once you have finished a compost pile before it is ready for use. Two or three weeks is a dramatic improvement.

The faster your amazing urban compost tumblers are filled then the quicker you will have the finished product. The rotating composter should be filled as soon as possible if you want really fast results. Add all good quality organic matter that will break down quickly and add as much as you can get your hands on. This can be achieved in a surprisingly short space of time.

You may be a little dissapointed by this but you must be realistic. It is still months faster than with traditional composting methods but you need to understand how they really work. It really does not take long to fill one if you do it whenever you can. The process will begin as soon as you start adding matter to it but the final amounts of matter that you add will need a few weeks to break down as well.

Of course, you can empty the contents and simply use what has already composted, which will be a surprising amount. It will simply mean adding a bit of it back in to the compost bin tumbler which will actually help speed up the next batch. This does cut the time but for totally composted matter you need to wait a few weeks after you have finished adding to it.

I hope this has cleared up a few misconceptions. The compost tumbler is still a supremely fast way of making compost. Waiting a few weeks rather than a few months means that the urban compost tumblers available are still the only way to make fast compost.