Urban Compost systems - composter pyramid, compost tumblers or compost makers?

Urban Composter pyramids, compost tumblers, compost makers or a plain old compost heaps - which will work best for your garden? Well, that's entirely up to you and is of course, dictated by the amount of free space you have to accommodate your composting area and how much waste you may be able to recycle.

Urban compost systems are all the rage these days and rightly so - they give so much. Recycling food and garden waste, some household waste, feeding the worms and other organisms and offer a real treat to your garden soil. So it is hardly a question of "why would you?", but rather "why would you not?"

Backyard composting is so simple and results in a super cheap, if not free organic compost.

Choosing the right composting system can be more complicated than you think, especially when you investigate your options - there is so much to choose from these days that you may want to just abandon the whole idea through total confusion! Please don't! Take a wee bit of time to consider a few different ideas (don't over complicate) and then just do it!

Building your own, as I've discussed previously can be a cheap (or free) option, but that's not for everyone, so consider your budget if you are going to buy. Consider the layout of your garden and where you will place it. Are asthetics important to you? If so, then you may well need to pay a little extra to get the rightly fitting product - if you don't like the look of it, then you will soon get fed up with and feel uncomfortable if it becomes a focal point with visitors. This may sound silly, but plenty of people actually get rid of their compost bins as they think they look ugly or untidy! Don't let that be you! Composting can be great fun - seriously, and if you have children, then it is a great way to teach them about giving back to the environment and showing them that really, we don't have to "waste" anything.

Prices are very competitive these days, as we are all feeling the pinch, and although purchasing whatever compositng system you choose may initially seem quite expensive, remember that it will be with you for many years. You will also be creating a healthier yard, doing something good for the universe and will definitely get some brownie points from Mother Nature!

The internet is a great tool and wonderful search engine for checking out all your options without leaving the comfort of your own home. Compare prices and suitability and then make your choice.

Good luck and have fun whichever urban compost maker you choose - composter pyramid, compost tumblers, compost maker or just a pile in the corner of your yard.