Urban Exploration

Your City to Discover

The act of urban exploration as defined by Wikipedia is the examination of the normally unseen or off limits parts of urban areas.

The true urban explore will go into abandon buildings or find away into tunnels under the city. These are the extreme explorers who like the sense of danger and the excitement of going where no one has been in a long time. There is a certain attraction to the type of exploration, but it could be illgal and very dangerous to explore abandon building or the underground.

As my fear of falling through the floor of an abandon building keeps me from trying true urban exploration. What I preferred to try is the urban exploration of the areas and neighbourhoods that I never took the time to appreciate.

The type of exploration I prefer is to walk out my door and walk an hour in any direction. It amazing how many new things you see when you are on foot. When I drive I never notice all the details of old buildings the small store on the corner that I never notices there. All this things come alive when I am on foot. When I explore I have not set path no goal I just go. As I walk I also like to take pictures of some of the new sites I come across. If it is a site that peaks my interest then I might make a note so that I can learn a little more about that place.

The exploring I do does not break and laws and it's kind of like taking a little mini vacation. When I set out I have a clear mind and try to enjoy the smells the sites and the sounds along my path. With each new neighbourhood comes different types of people or races. It makes you wonder why a certain race picked this place in the city to live and raise their families. Who was the first person in that community to come here and why did they stay? Asking myself these types of questions raises my appreciation of other cultures and their struggle to come this country of so many opportunities.

It amazing how much you can learn about your city just by walking and taking turns down one street then another.

There are a few things I make sure I take on my urban exploration trips. The heat can sometimes be extreme and I make sure to carry a water bottle and baseball cap. In the spring I always take an umbrella nothing worse than getting stuck a few hours from home in the rain.

The sounds of the city are always better than listening to my MP3 player, but on some trips I will take my MP3 player and immerse myself in the music and the sites. The walking can be tough on your feet you want to make sure you wear a pair of comfortable shoes. A light backpack can also be a nice take along as you carry your umbrella and water bottle and safely protect your camera. The camera I take with me is built into my Android smart phone and it save me from taking two gadgets on my walk. The camera in my phone takes great pictures and I can edit the pictures with the many apps available for photo editing on Android. It nice to find a little coffee shop and take a little rest while I edit my pictures.

If you have never tried this type of urban exploration you are missing out on all the amazing sights your city may offer. You do not need to live in a big city you can explore even in a little town I am sure you will come across something you have never seen before.