Plutarch, the first century Greek historian, once said, “A guest comes to share not only meat, wine, and dessert, but conversation, fun, and the amiability that leads to friendship.” Aeschylus, the ancient Greek dramatist and Playwright wrote, “What is there more kindly than the feeling between host and guest?” Dining with people has been a long standing tradition in the human civilization. And private dining aims at making this social activity a more intimate one.

This tradition of dining with guests has always been at home until the concept of restaurants started to take off in the 20th century. Hosting has been a great way or catching up with friends, building relationships and of course enjoying great food. French thinker Jean Brillat-Savarin noted that the first modern appearance of restaurants was in 1765. Till then, private dining, so to speak, was a way of life. Ladies were praised on their ability to host great get-togethers and social affairs.  Enjoying each other’s company was a big part of life.

Traditional European Dinner Party

The Prohibition in the 1920s led to the rise of luncheonettes. The limited menus were made for urban office workers who wanted cheap and speedy food. When people of yester-years were faced with these obstacles, they raised to the challenge and its time gain some inspiration from that!

Bringing Private Dining to the 21st Century

Those with an eye for authenticity and the appetite for good food will realise that there is a fall in standards in most restaurants these days. The food is neither authentic nor exciting and the service is average to say the least. In Singapore private dining is a great alternative to entertaining in restaurants and bringing the glory of the past to life. Home parties are far more personal, memorable and are much more fun than going to a good restaurant. Hosts can be creative and really entertain people, giving the guests their full attention.

But the prelude to hosting a party at home can be quite brutal. Right from cooking to making arrangements, and arrange themes and organising menus, private dining services can take care of all the prerequisites. The only this you have to do is select the menu and the chef and get dolled up to entertain your guests.

Let go of your inhibitions

Many worry that hosting events at home is not that fancy, but on the contrary, private events can be as dressed up or dressed down as you like. People believe that they are inviting guests into their private space. But what they don’t realise is that they can create a more intimate relationship with their guests by allowing them to see your natural surroundings, which, in turn, brings people more closer. You can have a very formal and fine reception with the best of chefs. Even casual, private events can be made into winners with careful attention and a touch of personalization. Private dining can be brought into your home for a bespoke experience which is truly memorable. Just like our old folks, people today loved to be wined and dined.

 So you see, our forefathers had it right all along and it is time to relive this tradition. We can bring this tradition to the 21st century and we can take it a step further by removing the hustle and bustle behind it by employing a service to do it for us. Private dining allows for more personalized touch which can never be matched by a restaurant.
Whether it is a conscious move to do something different from the mainstream or to create a more intimate experience between the guests and the host, private dining is here to stay.