Urban Legends

 You might have heard one of your friends or parents tell you about things like Bigfoot, and Chupacabra but you never believed them right? Well, I can assure you that there is a lot out there that we don't know about. Urban legends are usually myths or folktales, but not all have to be fake. Urban myths do not have to be from an urban area they are just called that. Urban legends started a long time ago, even during Native American times. Many tales that you might have heard from your elders could be true.


 One of the most famous Native American tales is the Wendigo. The Wendigo is thought to be an evil spirit that possesses people who accept cannibalism. Tales about the Wendigo would start mostly about people who had to go into the cold woods during winter. Most of the time the people would run low on food and soon get lost in blizzards. Since they don't have shelter they would make their own, soon however the hunger would start.

 Now or later the guys would get hungry, and since there's no food left they would start killing  each other. One person would stealthy kill everyone else and eat them, that's when the cannibal spirit of the Wendigo would own him. When the person gets possessed he can not stop eating human meat, eventually he would get killed by police or some other way. He will die, but the cannibal Wendigo spirit will continue to roam around for other victims.


 Bigfoot has many names like Sasquatch, Yeti, abominable Snowman, but Bigfoot is the most famous. Bigfoot is also refered to as the missing link in human revolution. Although lots of theory's suggest that Bigfoot is real there isn't any exact evidence on his existence. Bigfoot is a hairy gorilla like animal that walks on two legs like a human but has all other qualities of an animal. There have been many reports of people saying that they've seen him, but most likely it is all a hoax.

El Chupacabra

 This creature is a small animal like monster that looks deformed, has sharp claws, and a bony spine. It's believed that it sucks blood from goats that's why it is also known as the, "goat sucker." There is some proof that a creature like this may exist because of marks on dead goats and sighting reports. There are lots of ideas of how this creature came to life or where it came from.

 There is a theory that it was a failed secret experiment that escaped from the its cage. There is also another theory that suggests it is an alien since there have been multiple sightings of alien ships were the Chupacabra killed the most goats. One theory suggests that it was an animal that was born mutated. Well, whatever the case is these are all urban myths whether they are real or not that's for you to choose.