In an ideal situation, a crime would occur and the guilty party would be arrested for it immediately. Then the trial would be short and after hearing both the parties, the judge would give the final verdict. Too bad that real life justice really isn't like this. In fact, it is quite different because trials in the American Judicial system can take months and even years. Due to this major inconvenience, the defendants who are actually innocent have to suffer at the hands of a snail speed judicial system. They have to wait months on end without hearing the verdict.

The negative repercussions this has on the defendant go beyond just waiting endlessly. The defendant is likely to go through a lot of mental and emotional anguish during this process. He/she can forget about living a normal life in which they carry out their daily activities according to the norm. Waiting for a verdict often leads defendants to lose friends and also spend a lot of money to deal with court and lawyer fees.

Luckily, the American Courts of law accept bail as a financial promise for the exchange of discharging the defendant until the completion of the trial. The judge of course does not grant bail without carefully reviewing a lot of valid information about the defendant. The seriousness of the crime committed, his/her criminal record, and other similar aspects are considered before the bail amount is set for the defendant.

When and if the bail is allowed, a bail bond is issued which contains all the pertinent information regarding the defendant and the case he/she is involved in. This bail bond is eventually signed by a bail bondsman who is the person that assures the court that the defendant will show up for all his/her hearings when the court requires them to do so. The tricky aspect in this situation is that if the defendant skips town and jumps bail, the bail bondsman has to pay the complete bail amount on his/her own.

A bail really does grant the defendant's family immediate peace of mind because they know their loved one at least doesn't have to face the harsh conditions of a jail cell and the overall jail environment. The family faces lesser stress and anxiety thanks to the bail and it also helps the defendant live a relatively normal life compared to what he/she would face inside the prison walls.

It might seem like the bail bond process is a very easy one, but there are certain aspects that a person should look out for when considering where to get the bail bond from. It is usually best to use a local bail bond agency instead of using one that you selected by word of mouth. Local bail bond agencies can provide relief in harsh times like these because they are fully aware of the rules and regulations of each county. Since every country has different rules regarding bail bonds, it is difficult for an outsider to know every aspect. This is why a local bail bond agency can be really helpful.