What are you going to use when pain medications that you usually buy over the counter do not work? A Natural Pain Reliever can be another alternative. If the over the counter medications do not help you, your doctor will have no choice but to prescribe more stronger drugs or anti inflammatory drugs.

For many people taking stronger drugs worry them because there is a risk of getting addicted to them. Also a lot of these strong medications have bad side effects and can cause problems in the stomach and they can also thin the blood.

There are not many options of medications unless you consider a natural pain reliever. If you have not tried any natural alternatives you will be happy to know that many of these remedies can offer great relief and also you will have almost no side effects. Read more to learn more about natural ingredients which can offer relief.

Tumeric is great as it contains curcumin which can help relieve inflammation within the body. Tumeric can be found in a lot of curry powders and has a golden yellow color and is very effective in reducing pain. For it to be effective you will need to take tumeric in a supplement form that can be bought in any health food store. It has also been known to be very effect for people who have pain from arthritis.

Ginger is also a natural pain reliever. It is most common used for sinusitis pain and headaches. A great remedy is to add fresh ginger to your tea pot and drink the tea throughout the day. If you have more serious pain it is recommended that you take ginger capsules which can relieve arthritis and migraines.

Capsaicin found in chilli peppers is very effective against pain. It has the ability to numb nerve receptors in the body which is only short term. You can buy creams that can be applied to the skin and can reduce aches and pains, arthritis and migraines.

You can also take an ingredient known to be the natural aspirin which is called white willow bark. it contains salicin which can also be found in aspirin. White willow bark is a natural pain reliever for arthritis, tooth pain and headaches.

My final tip is to take fish oil which is an analgesic. By taking a fish oil supplement this will help with inflammation in the body. Pain can be reduced in half if you frequently take cod liver oil capsules which can be found in any health food store.

Reduce Inflammation In The Body With Fish Oil