Painting Chipped Appliances

Ok, so maybe you are going for that retro look in your kitchen, and you even found the retro appliances to go with the look. The problem is, these old appliances look yellowed and dated.

So, what do you do? You could go out and buy new appliances, but maybe you are really quite happy with that older style fridge, just not the dated finish. Well after some research, I discovered that you can actually get appliance touch up paint for those chips.  You can get them in different colours too but the most popular is white.

You first need to clean the appliance fully. If you are dealing with white (you can get it in different retro colors such as the harvest yellow from the 70s if you look further online) you need to make sure the surface is really clean.

If that area that needs touching up, also has a chip, then these paints will fill in any small chips. They can make a huge difference to the look of your appliance.  Many times, this can happen by simply moving them. It doesn’t take much to chip them when trying to get them from one place, into a moving truck and then into your new place.

I personally have a built in stove, that had a large stainless steel lid from a roasting pan get dropped and it did a little chip out of the side of the stove. It is only small but every time I go to use the stove, my eye is drawn to this black spot. My stove is white, but once it got chipped all you see is the black from behind the chip making it look old.Appliance Touch Up PaintCredit:

So, by using the enamel paint, you can fill in that little hole that is left behind and once it has hardened, you can wash your appliance and even rub hard and it won’t come off. Just follow the instructions on the label.

Sheffield 1438 Porcelain Touch-Up Almond

 But what if you want to repaint that old retro fridge that came with your house? There are heat resistant appliance paints that will do the job. You need to work in a well ventilated place away from your kitchen. So, if you are wanting to paint that old fridge you need to take it outside in the garage or some other protected area.

You need to really clean it well, and tape off any hardware that you can’t or don’t want to take off. Make sure and tape over the rubber seals so they don’t get paint on. Picture painting a car! Tape over anything that should not get covered in the paint.

You can get this paint at some home improvement and hardware stores, but you can also get it online at such places as Amazon.

The full appliance paint, comes in a can and you spray it on in light coats. Krylon is just one brand that makes this paint. If you follow the instructions, your appliance will look good as new.

So, you can keep that retro fridge in your kitchen without it looking yellowed and dated. Once the paint has dried it is tough as nails.

So, there are products to help you keep your appliances looking good for a long time. If you have new ones and you accidentally chip it during a move or with use, then there is this special paint. If you want to give your appliances a new look, then there is full appliance paint.

Either way you get to keep your appliances looking their best. Or maybe there is a great deal on something funky and new at the “scratch and dent sales”. You can save hundreds of dollars on appliances with chips, if you are willing to use appliance touch up paint. Once it has dried to that rock hard finish, no one will know how little you paid for that top of the line appliance.  Also see how to use faux tin tiles to cover a backsplash on the cheap.

Krylon 3201 Appliance Epoxy Ultra Hard Finish, White
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this product works for repainting the entire piece.